The KFC Crisis and Where to Eat Chicken with a Latin Escort in London?

The subject of this blog post was initially going to be focused on the disastrous way the Brexit talks are going. But just as we were starting to digest the news that a post-Brexit Britain will look like a cross between Mad Max and Dad’s Army, then an even bigger catastrophe suddenly loomed upon us.

We are talking, of course, about the KFC crisis.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you will know that half the UK’s KFC restaurants have had to close down, due to lack of chicken. The fried chicken chain committed corporate suicide by switching its delivery contract to DHL, who made the insane decision to cut costs by supplying all 1000 restaurants from one warehouse, instead of the previous six.

London was badly hit, with KFC addicts in Tottenham Court Road, Holloway and Harrow complaining of either a limited menu or shut doors. As YouTube user The BigPac put it, “I am proper wounded that no KFC is open. Not one. You need to know about the KFC situation.”

Proper wounded, indeed.

KFC franchisees have had to resort to desperate measures to keep up with demand. Video footage taken in Erith showed staff smuggling a secret consignment of chicken in through the back door, in violation of their franchise agreement to only buy from the official warehouse.
Are these supply shortages a sign of the apocalyptic future we can expect after Brexit? Well, maybe.

But our Brazilian girls do love their chicken, so we decided to ask them where they like to go in London when they want to try this delicacy.

Barraco in Kilburn is a particular favourite among our ladies. This authentic buteco-style restaurant and bar serves mouth-watering Brazilian dishes, and the Frango a Passarhino, or fried chicken is succulent and crispy. If you want to treat one of our escorts to a taste of home, invite them here.

Camden Town is always worth a visit when in the company of a sexy, beautiful and charming lady, and the Copacabana-style beach bar called Made in Brasil is the place to take a Latin girl. The coxinhas (chicken pastries) and chargrilled chicken with sweet potatoes are delightful, and don’t miss out on the cocktails, which will make the date go with a bang.

Street food is all the rage right now, and the Cabana chain is the most popular Brazilian-take on this phenomenon. There is one right in the heart of Covent Garden, and it is great idea to take a break from shopping to pop in and try out some spicy malagueta chicken wings. Our girls swear that these are the best wings in London, so why not give this place a try?

How are you dealing with the KFC crisis? What happened when your local branch shut down? Did you want to ring Colonel Sander’s neck, or did you just go to Nando’s instead?

Were you proper wounded, like The BigPac? Or do you prefer to eat at Michelin-starred restaurants anyway, and didn’t even know about the KFC crisis until we plebs started banging on about it here?

Whatever your taste in food, our Brazilian London escorts are ready to be your dinner date anywhere in the capital. So, don’t eat alone tonight. The escorts in London in Lilyfields’ portfolio are spicy hot, finger lickin’ good, and will make your evening a real zinger.