Keep a Man Faithful

There are sometimes clients at our agency who desperately need a piece of advice of how to improve their relationship with the beloved ones, i.e. keep a man faithful. Lilyfields escorts are always to give them one as they are perfect psychologists due to their constant connections with men. Our agency is one of not many which takes care of clients’ personal lives. 

Sometimes I think I would make a great agony aunt. Lilyfields Escorts in London spend a lot of time listening to people talk – we are very good at it – and often, we hear about their problems.

We can’t solve clients’ problems for them, but I offer general advice from time to time when I think I can help. I am wise beyond my years, after all.


My girlfriends often ask me how they can get a man to stay faithful to them. Lilyfields escorts are often considered experts in fidelity – just because clients of ours are often being unfaithful to wives and girlfriends. What tricks can we teach other women which might make their men stay true to them?

I say that there are any golden rules to keep a man faithful. Is it the great beauty of London escorts which makes them so tempting for the average man? Well, it does play a part. The escort agency I work for makes a point of employing only the best-looking girls, whose faces are beautiful and whose bodies were made for sin.

But I have known men cheat on their wives with the most ordinary looking women. The thrill of the unknown and different is always going to play a part.

Regular intimacy with your partner is a good idea for fidelity, I reckon. I’m not making excuses for men – and sometimes there are plenty of women out there too whose libido is stronger than that of their partner – but intimacy brings with it trust and closeness. It’s harder to be unfaithful to someone when you are really close to them as you can’t bring yourself to hurt them.

I also advise couples of do plenty of activities together. It is a good idea to have separate hobbies and interests, but from time to time getting to know or try out your partner’s hobby is a good idea. I know of one of my friends who recently accompanied her boyfriend to a football match – and loved it. Nowadays, they are both season ticket holders.

A date night is also a great idea. Making the effort to dress up for your partner and cook a special meal, or go out for dinner, or to a film is always going to make you feel good about life and your relationship. Trust me, I know plenty of clients who book me just for a dinner date because they want the innocent enjoyment of going out for dinner with a companion who will talk to them, listen and enjoy their company.

If you are with a serial cheat, though, know that he won’t change. Whether you can live with it or not is up to you.