Easter with Escorts

Easter is one of the holidays when escorts of Lilyfields are in great demand. There are a number of clients in London who are willing to spend Easter with escorts, the occasions are different varying from business and family parties to private celebrations. And every time London escorts are on top of their skills. Here is a captivating story of one of our Easter escorts. 

What is it with Easter and the big ears?

I know, I know, it’s the Easter bunny – and yes, it is cute dressing up in a miniscule and sparkly leotard with a little furry pom on your bottom and big fluffy wuffy ears. And I’m so pleased the Easter bunny always opted to wear six inch high strappy silver sandals J seeing as I’m just 5ft 3” (and one of the smallest girls at the Lilyfields London escorts agency). However I absolutely drew a line at the big buck teeth. And as for that carrot…

Celebrating Easter with an Escort

Luckily the client that I was attending the Easter fancy dress party in one of clubs near Kensington High Street with had opted to go as the Mad Hatter. As a result he was just as outlandish with a top hat the size of around 10 normal sized top hats and which he had carefully spray painted silver (he considered this a bit more racy than white and did it himself the night before – there’s still silver streaks on his bedroom floor to prove it).

Instead of having a price tag sticking out of the hat as Mr Hatter does, my client slipped in a betting slip (William Hill’s was en-route to the party. I’m pretty sure he has a bit of an addiction thing going on where the Gee Gees are concerned). I did approve of his very tight little tweed jodhpurs though.

What were the other guests wearing? Well there was this one rather large roly poly Duchess-type figure who made an excellent milk chocolate Easter egg as she didn’t have to bulk herself out too much and had a deep tan so not much dark foundation was needed either. She was a Frys Turkish Delight egg so turned up wrapped in a swath of purple silk with a turban on her head. Her partner was a poor imitation of Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia, I thought. For a start the moustache was a bit on the bushy side and his hair had too many grey streaks in it. If I remember Omar correctly in that particular film he was a very sexy 30 years with not a grey hair in sight.

Actually I met him once – Omar Sharif – it was at the Venice Film Festival five years ago. I’d was working as an escort in London and had been taken there by a client who’s involved in directing French films. I was just standing there quaffing a class of champers when the great man himself walked past, gave me a quick once over and smiled. Was one of the highlights of my year. After all, it’s not every day Omar Sharif flirts with you.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the party: I wish the impromptu barber quartet had stuck to their DJs rather than donning male adult rooster suits though – it kind of took away from the performance; excellent though it was.