Pierced Escorts

Piercing became one of the ways to beautify one’s body long time ago. Most of us have already made our opinion of piercing. Some people hold the view that piercing is unnatural and ugly, they hate it when any kind of metal is seen on the body. Others consider piercing a body art and are happy to make their bodies a piece of artwork. Also they are ready to enjoy it on a woman. Do men choose escorts with piercing when they apply to escort agencies? Do men prefer an escort girl be pierced?

Piercing is the most ancient way of the decoration of body. Several years ago piercing was perceived as something outstanding. But those times when such decoration of a body was considered as something defiant and discrediting passed. Nowadays piercing is very widespread phenomenon especially among escort ladies.

There are already millions of escorts who have various punctures on all body: ears, nose, lips, belly etc. But it is difficult for uneducated people to imagine all variety of jewelry for a body which is the main thing that helps to earn money.

The earrings worn instead of any puncture are called piers. It is not a secret that it is possible to put a ringlet for piercing practically into any part of a body. For piercing of an eyebrow, a lip, a belly, wings of nose and nasal septum small ringlets are used, and for nipples, and also man’s genital piercing ringlets of large diameter are used.

Types of Earrings for Piercing

“Banana” earrings are used for belly piercing. They have a special physiologic form (they are bent like banana). Nowadays there is a great diversity of banana earrings! They can be modest or gorgeous, emphasizing the unique identity of pretty escorts! It is possible to change it according to the dress or mood: the usage of various jewels and metals of different colors of “banana” can add the unique feature to pretty escort girl.

Circulars and twisters are also special piers! Actually circulars are the ringlet in the form of a horseshoe, with two twisting beads, and twisters is a spiral earring! They also can be made of a wire of different diameter, size and twisting balls.

One more version of piers is an earring for a nose – “nose bone” and Labret-Monroe earring. A nose bone is twisted in a nasal wing. But a tip of the earring can be like a ball, a cone, and a beauty spot… And Labret-Monroe earring is used for the piercing of the upper or lower lip, a cheek.

Generally for the production of piers the medical alloy is used. It is better to leave the earring from this alloy while the wound does not start closing up. Then it is possible to use jewelry of gold, silver, zirconium, the titan, but the jewelry made of oxidized materials, for example, nickel or copper.

Types of Piercing Most Escorts Have

Ear Piercing
One of the most widespread types of piercing is the piercing of ears. Earrings became the element of female fashion. This type of piercing is considered painless and doesn’t have any complications.

Belly Piercing
It is a truly female type of piercing. It is beautiful for the escort girls with perfect figures! Many men become excited when they see such piercing! The special earring called banana is inserted into a puncture.

Intimate Piercing
Such type of piercing reveals the most exotic escorts! Generally intimate piercing is made for strong sexual feelings.

When a man chooses an escort for a date, perhaps, piercing is not the main criterion which helps him to make the final decision in favour of this or that courtesan. However, it is a proved fact that most clients of escort agencies are fond of escorts who have piercing to stress their beauty. Some of the agencies or directories which render companionship services even have the special selection option which allows clients to sort all the escort ladies with piercing. So answering the question raised in the title of the article, it is possible to contend that most men would have a ‘wow’ attitude to pierced escorts provided this art underlines a female attractiveness.