What’s on at the Cinema This Week?

Many gentlemen contact us and ask for a Latin escort companion to be their date for a trip to the cinema. We think this is a lovely idea for a meeting with one of our ladies, as there is something rather sweet and romantic about going to the movies with a girl for a first date.

With this in mind, we decided to look at what is showing in the cinema this week, to give you an idea for a romantic movie date in London’s Leicester Square.

Bridget Jones’s Baby

The Odeon is showing Bridget Jones’s Baby, the third film in the franchise, and Renee Zellweger returns once more as the now-fortysomething woman who can’t stay lucky in love for long. This time she has broken up with Darcy (Colin Firth) and has taken up with Patrick Dempsey. In our experience, most women would kill for a love life like this, but still Bridget seems to be down in the dumps. Anyway, our plucky heroine then discovers she is pregnant, without knowing who the father is, which has the usual hilarious consequences and predictable happy-ending. We actually liked the first film a lot, didn’t enjoy the second so much, and are looking forward to this one. Audiences seem to love it so far, and the films are very popular with the ladies, so any of our Latin escorts would be delighted to attend with you.

Finding Dory

Not in the mood for a rom-com, but still want something light-hearted and girl-friendly? Then look no further than this summer’s animated blockbuster, Finding Dory. As the name suggests, this one is a sequel to the hugely fun Finding Nemo, and the storyline seems to be a similar tale of missing fish on a quest to be reunited with their loved ones. We loved the first film, and this one is receiving rave reviews among both critics and audience, and we think this would be a great way to kick-off a date with a Latin girl.

Over at Vue

If you prefer the boys world of action and spies, then yet another sequel might be the better option for you. Over at Vue, Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne, and once more, he is on the run from the CIA. This time, he has the help of a female assistant who hacks into the secret service database and reveals some shocking truths about Bourne’s recruitment. It sounds pretty great to us, but we should warn you that the critical reception is rather mixed. Still, at least this instalment won’t have Jeremy Renner in it.

Blair Witch

In the mood for something a bit more frightening? Then why not check out Blair Witch which is yet another sequel (does Hollywood make anything else these days?), this time to 1999’s Blair Witch Project. We saw the original at a cinema in Leicester Square when it first came out, not knowing it was a horror movie, and we were too scared to go out to the woods ever again. Come to think of it, it took us until 2004 before we were brave enough to sleep with the light off. So if you do want to see this one with a Latin companion, please warn us beforehand so that we can recommend a girl who isn’t as easily scared as us!

We hope this cinema guide has whetted your appetite for a trip to Leicester Square to see a great film in the company of a wonderful and charming Latin companion.