European Summer Hotspots to Visit in 2019

Summer is just around the corner, and with a Halloween hard Brexit looming, this might be your last chance to enjoy a warm weather excursion on the continent. To get the best deals, now is the time to decide where to go for a week of relaxation. If you are searching for inspiration – here are the best places in Europe for guaranteed sunshine, with dashes of culture and spectacular nature thrown in. And of course, all the locations below are best visited in the company of an elite London companion from Lilyfields.

Malaga, Spain

The southern tip of Spain has long been a popular haunt for British summer tourists. Costa Brava resorts like Marbella and Torremolinos need little in the way of introduction, but there is more to this region than beach life. Malaga is home the main airport in Andalucia, but the city is worth visiting in its own right. For a start, it’s 2,800 years old and has been ruled by the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, and there are plenty of stunning ancient sites such as amphitheatres, castle and mosques. Gastronomes will love Malaga too – the locally caught seafood being a particular specialty. As one of the sunniest spots in Europe, you are guaranteed hot, cloudless weather throughout the summer months – but the sea breezes make Malaga pleasant even in August.

Sicily, Italy

Like Malaga, the island of Sicily has also been fought over by Phoenicians, Arabs and Romans. The Normans and Greeks spent time here too, making Sicily a treasure trove of ancient ruins and fascinating cities. Taormina is the north is well worth a visit, as this combines beach life with the one of the best-preserved medieval walled villages in Europe. It is also an ideal base to explore the most active volcano in the world. Mount Etna spews lava several times a year, and these flows are spectacular at night. If it’s not erupting, you can get a cable car close to the top and hike the rest of the way to the crater, for incredible views across the island. Syracuse is a stunning city on the east Coast, which dates back to the Greek period. The old town is actually situated on an island which juts into the Med. Sicily has some decent nightlife too, with Palermo and Catania both having a funky club scene.t

Lucerne, Switzerland

If you aren’t really into beach holidays but still want to soak up the sun in the hear of Europe, then the Alps are your best bet. This region is as stunningly beautiful in summer as it is in winter, and the dramatic peaks, clear lakes and charming towns are all worth a visit. Lucerne in the Swiss Alps is our favourite Alpine base, as you can combine hiking, boating and culture all in one place. The charming town centre serves hearty Swiss fare, and the wooden bridge which cross the river Reuss has carvings which tell the history of the country. The 6000-foot Pilatus mountain dominates the town, but you can get a funicular railway up, and a toboggan ride down (yes, even in summer – and it’s awesome!).

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