Best Markets of London

Lilyfields escorts open new horizons for the visitors of London! They put markets on the list of best London’s sights. London is still the place where markets have their share of popularity with its residents and guests, there one can find something that luxurious stores cannot offer – the spirit of the past, memorabilia and fun! 

When I first moved to London (I’d heard that there was good work for London escorts), one of the things that most appealed to me about the city was the wonderful markets.

Of course, a lot of other things appealed to me about London – and not least the good money that you can make working as escorts in London – such as the fabulous restaurants, nightlife and shops, but the best markets of London were so amazing to me. I spent a lot of my spare time wandering round the street London markets.

Once, I even suggested to a client that I show him the markets as he was new to the city himself and he was looking for an unofficial tour guide/escort.


From antiques, to clothes and crafts – there is a market for everything in London. I particularly love Petticoat Lane market, which has been operating since the 1750s (and you do get a huge sense of history from the place) and I love the clothes it stocks. It has a lot of the 50s clothing that I love – as do my clients. They like me to wear dresses with nipped in waists as they show off my hour-glass figure, as well as pencil skirts with pointy-toe stilettos and wrap dresses.

As I’m also a woman with… appetites, I also love the food markets you get in London. Borough Market, for example, is a gourmet’s paradise. You get amazing fresh produce (fruit, veg and all kinds of meat) as well as condiments, bakery treats and street food. It’s wonderful to wander through. I know one or two of the regular stalls holders (hey ho, every kind of person can be a client) and they often slip me free samples of their delicious food.

One chap is a baker (what he can do with those hands is incredible) and he always keeps me some of his incredible millionaire’s shortbread.

Finally, I’m a sucker for an antique. If you have been in my apartment (and if you have, lucky you) you will know that I treasure beautiful and unusual furniture and I have found some great examples of furniture at London’s antique markets.

You can buy anything and everything in London, that’s for sure. And if you are in the market for a really good time, then you know who to call…