Could Pole Dancing Become an Olympic Event Soon?

We read with interest an article in the Standard last week which suggested that pole dancing may make an appearance at the Olympic games soon. The sport has now been recognized by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) as having “observer status”, which paves the way for inclusion at the summer Olympics in a decade or so.

Realistically, this would mean Los Angeles 2028, which seems quite fitting given the amount of strip clubs in the city.

Dodgeball is also mentioned as a sport which is up for consideration as an Olympic event, which will make viewers of the 2004 Ben Stiller classic lick their lips in anticipation of another Purple Cobras – Team Blitzkrieg match-up. Arm-wrestling is also in the frame, as the Olympics try to become more up-to-date. However, pole dancing is the one that has made most headlines around the world. Could we really see this sexy sport, which originated in the travelling sideshows of 1890’s America, being performed alongside athletics, gymnastics and Greco-Roman wrestling?

Well, first of all, we need to recognize that pole dancing is now very much a sport. Although it did first enter the consciousness of the public through pretty terrible 90’s movies such as Striptease and Showgirls, many women (as well as some men) now use it as a fun and efficient way to combine aerobic fitness with muscle tone. Some may hold the image of a young lady dressed in lingerie performing on the pole for a crowd of punters, but these days in classes across the world, more and more people are donning lycra and sweat bands, using pole-dancing as the ultimate work-out experience, burning the fat while bulking on the muscle.

As it is a fun and sensual sport, with a rather theatrical air to it, many of our Latin escorts love pole dancing as a way keep fit. It also helps keep their bodies sleek and sexy, and they love to show off their erotic skills on the pole. And if you are very lucky, maybe they can demonstrate their pole dancing skills to you in private? That would certainly be one way to begin a hot date with one of our girls. These days you can even buy portable poles for dancing, which you can carry with you to a hotel, and require no fixing to the ceiling or floor. Why not bring one with you on your next London escort date and ask for your very own pole dancing experience?

Brazilian ladies love to dance, and many famous dance forms were created in Latin America, such as samba and tango. So, it should be little wonder that pole dancing has caught on in the Latin countries more than anywhere else. If pole dancing does enter the Olympics in 2028, can we expect to see the likes of Brazil and Argentina dominate this sport the way they dominate football? Maybe. But one thing is for sure, Lilyfields have some of the best Brazilian escorts in London, so if you seek a female companion who possesses some seriously sexy moves, then why not book a date with them today and see how they perform on your pole?

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