Passionate Companions of Lilyfields

What is it that makes two people fall for each other? The question needs a quite serious consideration. Passionate companions of Lilyfields give their reasons in the article. There’re several points of view that the readers may consider. Passion is what men and women need to start their relationships and successfully continue them. How does this passion and attraction appear? Is it only our feelings or maybe it is something more than that?

Most females are surprised at the fact why sometimes men are not attractive, pale and on the whole nothing to look at can bring unearthly pleasure and set female feelings on fire. And why some handsome gigolos do not have anything in common with satisfying and burning a wild fire inside women’s hearts. Why do some men need only to touch a woman and she is ready to fly high in the sky and others need to work at a female body in order to excite and arouse women’s attention?

Science has been trying to reveal the truth of this secret. But the answer is still vague. What kind of force draws people together and make them drown in each other? Escorts of passion seem to know what it is and they are trying to describe it.

The first thing that a woman should pay attention in order to understand whether the man suits her or not – is a body attraction. When escorts of passion are together with their partners the emotions they experience are very important – how often do they have the desire to touch the partners, slide with ginger through their hair? To put it in simpler words – escorts try to understand how much they need a body contact with their partner.

Secondly, be calm as a woman which has everything under control. Escorts’ art is a pleasure game – do not worry or be embarrassed. Composed confidence is the best hypnosis for him.

The second type of the so-called check that passionate escorts use is ideal to carry out in the kitchen. It is the time when you have to rely on your own feelings when you have a meal together. Males will never learn to eat gracefully, beautifully and delicately only in order to please a woman. So escorts observe their partners when they have a meal and decide what feelings they have during this process. If they are not against of smacking, eating with hands, besides if it seems even sweet for them, it means that their partners could not be better for them.

Animal world is much simpler. Animals begin exhaling the aroma which makes them irresistible in their partners’ eyes. This smell is produced by pheromone. People do not have an organ which is able to perceive pheromone but this mechanism has the right to exist in a human body. And of course the part of people’s organs which is needed to perform the task is nose. So some men and woman use their noses to determine if their partner has any chances to be together with them.

Most men dislike it when women wear too much perfume. They consider that artificial fragrances suppress natural female odour completely. And according to men natural senses are the best aphrodisiac.

Escorts of passion take the above mentioned information into account for finding a partner to spend time with. However, some of the points can hardly be applicable for all the females and males. Physical signals that human body can send and accept are undoubtedly important but passionate escorts never forget about the feelings that can arouse when they see the man for the first time. Sometimes our heart is the best advisor.