Top Courtesans’ Lessons | Some Words About Being a True Courtesan

Nowadays the notion ‘courtesan’ has acquired a different meaning. And a real courtesan is a woman who knows the value of herself, she is always welcomed in any society and lots of women aspire to look like her. There are some top courtesans’ lessons that every true one tries to follow. And these lessons can help any woman to become as successful and admired as any real escort.

Recently the term ‘courtesan’ has acquired the sense of a self-sufficient, strong and confident female able to make her life as she wants it to be regardless of what other people think of her. Perhaps they just do not have the abilities and possibilities to act like her…

True courtesans use their energy for rest, entertainments and personal growth and well-being. They are sure of the fact that all their friends and men are able to take care of themselves. Of course, it does not mean that escorts never offer their help, they just do not convince people to accept it. Every person is responsible for what they do and you are not able to take an unfamiliar life situation under a total control. A real courtesan knows that her strengths are not endless and they are not enough for all the friends and people who surround you. So she just chooses a person maybe the one she knows for a long time and best of all whose future has a greater significance and this person is herself.

#2. Enjoy!

Real courtesans take every minute to enjoy themselves. They are interested in themselves. They develop their souls and bodies. They ask themselves numerous questions. Do I like a bubble bath with a melon sense? Do I like reading contemporary literature? Does a lilac colour match my eyes? Courtesans create an aura of heavenly self-sufficiency inside themselves. And when this aura comes out it attracts people and makes them seek for an escort’s company hoping that she will reveal her secret of building harmonic relationships with themselves.

#3. Demand!

True courtesans choose men like captious customers in an expensive shop and if they choose to buy something – it is the best. Real escorts make a purchase not just for the sake of covering their body. They need a man who would help her feel her significance. Escorts stick to the saying: if you do not feel attractive and desired with this man, why are you still with him? A true courtesan knows that she is deserve attention and respect which are the basics of love and guesses their demonstration necessary.

#4. Play!

Our life is a casino. Smart and wealthy men are scattered on a red-black game field. People come to casinos not to earn for one’s living but to feel luxury and joy. A real escort behaves as if she is a woman who does not need money but ready to pay for spicy feelings.

#5. Spend!

The most elegant costumes, skirts, shoes and jewellery are worth delighting the world every day. A true courtesan knows that there won’t be the second chance to produce a great impression. So they do not pick holidays to seduce and to win. Any victory is achieved due to a number of practices and it is necessary to get satisfaction of life now not in a minute or so.