New Year Games

New Year is the time when all the dreams and wishes must come true. This holiday is loves by most people in the world. The article presents the information about some New Year scenarios composed especially for spending time with London escorts. New Year games, ideas and advice are just for those who want to have an extraordinary and romantic New Year for two.

New Year is a special holiday which should be remembered for a long time. Some people celebrate it with family, others in a noisy company… there are men who prefer spending this magic and captivating time in a company of only one female – a wonderful escort. Nobody doubts the fact that such a way of celebrating New Year won’t be boring, this night will become really special, unusual and wonderful. All the other variants of the festive scenario depend only on a man and an escort.

So what are the possible ways of spending time together with Brazilian London escorts?

You have been choosing a gift for your escort for a long time, it is very important to create an atmosphere for the ceremony of present giving. For example, you may play “hide and seek” or tie your escort’s eyes and give some hints for her to find the present. As a variant for escorts – you may hide the present in a decollete or a stoking and then offer a partner to take the gift without using hands or make up a map with the help of which your beloved man will find his little New Year gift. It is a good idea to decorate the map as a letter from Santa Clause or a glamorous note from a Snow Queen. Pack the present in several boxes to prolong the pleasure of finding out what’s inside.

After the clocks strike twelve it is high time to leave all the foods and drinks and proceed to some games in a bed or perhaps on a New Year carpet which you have prepared in advanced or even in a bath full of foam and New Year symbols. The imagination and fantasy will help you to invent some love games in these places.

If you feel that you are ready to play some games – New Year is a good occasion for it. But you must not just put on the appropriate clothes but play your role brilliantly. The choice of a game also depends on you – put on a costume of a sexy cat or a sexy Santa Claus – seductive red or white underwear, a short skirt, Santa’s cap and shoes on high heels. Also an escort can make all male fantasies come true – a nurse, a strict business lady – play a role and bring pleasure and satisfaction to your partner.

If role-plays are not your style, then desire games are something that escorts choose and advise to try. Cards, crosses and noughts, chess are the games that will suit the New Year game scenario. And the one who loses the game should fulfill the wish. Before the game an escort and her partner write their most sacred erotic wishes on pieces of paper and put all of them into a box. It is also a psychological approach – and the way to ask for something that you would be too shy to pronounce. Make your intimate desires come true.

Tangerines are the symbols of New Year and escorts found the most effective way of how to use it. They divide this fruit into parts tie their partners’ eyes and let them find these parts on their beautiful body with the help of lips and the sense of smell. The spice of the game may be in the quantity of tangerine cantles…

As you see the New Year’s night can become the most unforgettable for you and your blonde escort in London. And it is not so important where you will see the New Year in your flat, in Paris or on the beach of a warm country – the main thing is how and with whom you will do it. If these two things cause only favourable emotions, you will have a splendid New Year – it will be a really festive occasion for you.

Merry Christmas! :-* Happy New Year! :-*