Elegant Women

Elegance… Only smart women can afford this luxury, those who do not seek fashion but want to create their own image. Of course, it is not an easy task to do. It is necessary to understand what elegance is and what are some universal methods to achieve it. There are a lot of really elegant escorts at Lilyfields escort agency In London and they would be glad to help other women to look elegant too.

Fashion is changing invariably. Our ideas about beauty and elegance also vary. What is important in our modern world? It is common figure lines and a silhouette that plays an important role for escorts. Contemporary clothes styles, figure slenderness are the defining things. Besides hairstyle, gait, gesture and footwear are essential for escorts.

Aspiration for elegance does not require great expenses and the expenses themselves do not settle the question. Elegance depends on the intellect, the sense of fashion and taste. Escorts try to find their own style and accustom the existing fashion to it.

Some females manage to find their style in early youth others a bit later. It is necessary to cultivate the sense of colour and proportion. Escorts never copy somebody else even if it is very good.

Young escorts the clothes of whom consist of different occasional items, should think over what they wear really careful. Elegant London escorts consider that if a handbag does not match the attire it is better to do without it. Young females prefer wearing not expensive fashionable things made of artificial material and they suit girls. Elegant escorts pick fashionable clothes of good quality but if there is not any chance to acquire such a thing they prefer an old one but of sturdy fabrics.

There are no clothes that are luxurious themselves. It depends on the fact whether they are modern or not. It is about jackets, umbrellas, suspenders. The representatives of the older generation believe that they can wear leggings, veil in a word things that they have gat used to not taking into account fashion. Indeed, people can wear whatever they want but they will look older.

One of the main secrets of elegance is the possibility to feel comfortable in this or that attire. Clothes shouldn’t be a stumbling block for movements and they mustn’t hinder them. The less you think about your costume the better. If, for instance, a lady sitting with her shoe half off because it hurts, it looks less elegant than she would like it to be.

Elegant escorts never forget to look in the mirror: when they take the head-dress or coat off or on the contrary are going to leave. They do it from time to time during the party or dinner in order feel relaxed and know that they look perfect. When elegant escorts are about to sit, they slightly raise their coat or dress.

Women should also be aware of the power of different colours. Despite the all-purpose black colour, it can make a woman look older and uncover all the wrinkles so women advanced in years should be really careful with wearing black clothes.

Elegant escorts in London dress in order to be liked by their partners and not by all the people including their female friends if it is not supposed to be a fashion show, of course.

The highest peak of elegance is when all the details of the attire match with each other and when there is nothing to add to the entire image – a complete harmony. It is the time when a woman feels conciliation and beatitude in her image. Only in this case when there is harmony of body and soul, there is elegance.