What does a Lilyfields Latin escort have in common with Larry the Cat?

The most famous feline in Britain today is Larry the cat, the Prime Minister’s cat, or to give him his official title, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. The British government has been employing cats to keep away mice and rats from Downing Street for over 500 years, and Larry has held the position since 2011. Larry was chosen from hundreds of cats at the Battersea Cat & Dog Home for rescue animals, because of his agility and friendliness. He is a favourite for photographers and news presenters who are waiting for announcements from the Prime Minister. He caused a huge sensation when the eyes of the world were looking at Number 10 after the EU referendum. While David Cameron was inside preparing his resignation speech, Larry was wowing the global TV audience while posing in the morning sun.

There is no doubt that Larry is a national and now international favourite, and truly is on top of his game. Few cats can wield as much charm and influence as Larry. And when we consider this lovable ball of fur more closely, we can see a number of similarities between Larry and any of our Latin escort companions. Don’t believe us? Read on and see just how much our girls and Larry have in common…

They both like to spend time in a prime location

The West End of London is home to some of the most luxurious and posh addresses in the world, and Larry can have chosen few better places to live than 10 Downing Street. From his location between the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square, Larry can hunt for mice and generally enjoy life next to some prime real estate. Similarly, our Latin escorts are mostly based around the chic neighbourhoods of Kensington, Chelsea, Belgravia and Notting Hill. This is the perfect location for them as they can enjoy fine dining, high culture and the best in designer fashion. It’s also convenient for our clients, who want the best in life and want to enjoy it in the most luxury surroundings. Spend time with one of our elite babes in this end of town, and you too will feel like top cat!

They are both loving and cuddly

When David Cameron was recently accused of not loving Larry, he stood up in the House of Commons and stated unequivocally that he did love the official cat, and that he would shortly post evidence on Twitter. Sure enough, within a few minutes of Prime Minister’s Questions ending, his official Twitter account posted a very moving photograph of Cameron sat down discussing a presumably important issue with one of his aides. In his lap sat Larry, cuddling up close to his master (or was Cameron cuddling up to his master?) You could see the love that Larry had for his trusted companion at that moment, and there can be few more special feelings in the world than receiving the undivided attention of a feline friend. One thing that does come pretty close, however, is to experience the raw passion and erotic intimacy of a Latin lady. If you are looking to find a loveable sex-kitten with whom to enjoy memorable moments, then any of our Lilyfields companions are sure to be the ideal choice.

They both can get feisty when they need to be

Larry might love nothing better than to sit in the lap of the PM, but he won’t be pushed around, particularly by the next door moggie. Indeed, the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s office is right next door to No. 10, and it has its own resident mouse catcher, named Palmerston, and the two pussy-cats don’t always see eye to eye. There have been several late-night bust-ups so far, as Larry doesn’t take kindly to Palmerston encroaching on his territory. Larry certainly can stand up for himself. This is also true of our Lilyfields escorts, all of whom possess the kind of fiery passion and feistiness that is so typical of Latin ladies. A date with any of our babes is a genuine experience, as each can give as good as they get!

They are both utterly gorgeous and charming

When the TV cameras focus on Larry, people forget about the problems of the day and the important political issues. They are wowed by his incredibly cute appearance and lazy charm, whether he is sun-tanning on the steps of Number 10 or going hunting in the garden for a mouse, or his arch enemy Palmerston. In a similar fashion, whenever one of our sexy Latin escorts appears on the scene, people forget everything else and concentrate on their physical perfection and elegance. There is just something about the way they hold themselves that makes people stop and stare. If you decide to meet one of our Brazilian babes, you can expect to meet a classic Latin lady who possesses jaw-dropping good looks and an easy charm and you will not be able to help falling in love with her. No matter if you choose a blonde and tanned lovely girl from Ipanema, or a typically dusky and curvy sexbomb who could have come straight off the Copacabana, Lilyfields escorts are the sexiest, most beautiful and charming babes in London.

They both appreciate luxury and the good life

Like many curious and extrovert cats, Larry likes to entertain guests. However, since his guests mostly are heads of state such as Obama, Merkel or Putin, he has had to get used to a life of canapes, foie gras and full cream (lactose-free of course). Living a life of pure luxury is something that Larry has evidently got used to, however, and we can see the evidence in his ever-expanding belly. Rumour also has it that he likes to sit upon the green felt of the Cabinet table and have his belly rubbed. So we can see that living a life of luxury is something that comes easy for Larry. The good life also comes rather easily for our elite Latin companions. They love to enjoy all London has to offer, such as elegant and traditional five-star hotels like the Ritz with their four-poster beds and luxurious bedsheets. They also love to dine out in London’s best Michelin-starred restaurants and discover gourmet delights. Unlike Larry, however, they haven’t let themselves go to quite the same extent. Most enjoy sports and keeping in shape, and all of them are very well-groomed.

So there you have it. In many ways, Lilyfields escorts are rather similar to Britain’s most famous cat. If you are a fan of Larry, then you are likely to be a big fan of our Latin escorts, all of whom are available to be your escort in London for short meetings, dinner dates and overnights.