Escorts of the Screen

Throughout the history of cinema, escorts, call-girls and high-class courtesans have been the source of endless fascination and inspiration. Their lifestyle and adventures certainly form an interesting backdrop to plotlines, and in this post, we look back at some of our favourite escorts of the silver and small screen, famous escorts in movies.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic New York comedy about a writer who falls in love with a call-girl. Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly is celebrated by all of who have seen it, as she embodies the perfect balance of natural beauty and timeless elegance. What is less known is that the references to the character’s line of work had to be made in a form of code so that the censors would allow the film to be shown. Escorts in movies was a taboo subject in early sixties America, and it is only in recent years that people realise what cryptic phrases like, “$50 for the powder room” actually meant. Although Hepburn’s beauty will probably never be surpassed, we have sever girls who run her pretty close, so if you would like to meet a stunning and elegant brunette companion, then make contact with us today.

Mighty Aphrodite

Mighty Aphrodite is a hilarious Woody Allen comedy about a man trying to find the biological mother of his intellectually-gifted adopted son. She turns out to be a rather ditzy but charming escort who dreams of becoming an actress (a performance which won Mira Sorvino an Academy Award). Although thankfully none of our Lilyfields escorts are as clueless as the Aphrodite of the film, they do all resemble the Greek goddess of love, and we suggest you meet one to find out for yourself.

Pretty Woman

Perhaps the classic tale of an escort in modern cinema is Pretty Woman, and we wonder how many ladies were tempted to try the world’s oldest profession by the chance to be paid to spend time with a dreamy hunk like Richard Gere. No matter what you look like, our romantic and passionate Latin escorts will make you feel like a titan of the business world.

Client List

Although it was shown on TV and not the cinema, Client List is one of the most interesting portrayals of escorts in movies. As it does not shy away from examining the financial incentives that persuade ladies to take up the profession, as well as exploring the lifestyle in a sympathetic and non-judgemental way. Jennifer Love Hewitt is excellent in the role of Riley, a former beauty queen who gets a job as an escort after her husband leaves her.

Belle de Jour

One of our favourite escorting-themed films is the subtly erotic French thriller Belle de Jour. This steamy sixties tale of a rich but bored housewife who seeks excitement and fulfilment by meeting men for money propelled the actress Catherine Deneuve into the big time. Although nudity is kept to a minimum throughout, some of the scenes have inspired experimental lovers ever since. Why not call us and find out which open-minded Latin escorts can be your erotic muse tonight?