Kiss Power

Kisses are a great opportunity to express feelings and emotions. They are the best means to say a woman that she is the most desirable and beloved one in the world. Moreover, kisses may bring not only spiritual pleasure but fitness and a good shape. British scientists have proved that kiss power has a positive impact on a female figure. Kisses help not to gain weight! UK psychologists have also developed a certain classification of the way men kiss according to which it is possible to learn everything about a male character.

What is a kiss in essentials? Physical intimacy, penetration, touch? And maybe it is something else? The expression of feelings and emotions? But it is possible to express feelings with the help of words. A kiss is a knot of spiritual intimacy which is revealed without words.

Kisses have been accompanying us for all our life and escorts especially praise them. People kiss each other when they meet, say good bye, feel sympathy, and what is more important – when they love! The first kiss of two people in love – how charming mysterious and wonderful it is! It can be elusive, tender and light as wind… Though a kiss is able to stir a soul and immediately cause sensuality. Naive and timid, it can be full of sincere desire to become close with a beloved person physically and spiritually. A kiss can be insatiable and all-absorbing as a sip of fresh water made by a person worn out after a difficult journey or like a deep breath after a hot nigh…

Nobody will have a wish to kiss a stranger or an indifferent person. If there is an impulse to do it, it means that some kind emotions have already appeared.

Passionate kisses are really healing and it is not without reason that women like them. Kisses make the pain disappear, nervousness and stress go away. Also British scientists have proved that kisses are the best way to lose weight!

And what is a real kiss? Emotional and sensual kisses were unfamiliar to people who were highly-developed as they did not like kissing. Ancient Greeks knew only a greeting kiss. Event today some representatives of African tribes do not kiss as they are afraid of losing their souls. Chinese think that kisses are not appropriate. And Australians are fond of kissing so much that they have invented a club of kiss armatures where they kiss with people for money.

British psychologists claim that kisses are as individual as gestures, eyes and gait. There is a certain typology of kisses according to which it is possible to make an opinion of how a man kisses.

For instance, during the kiss he does not participate in it, his lips are motionless, they exist independently – such a kiss is classified as stingy. The owners of such kisses are not capable of crazy attempts however strange and sensual they promised to be. They try and are able to have control over themselves. So escorts need a lot of time to make these stingy knights reveal their sincere feelings. A greedy kiss is a worthy competitor here. Passionate men are keen on kissing in such a way, their lips are not just seek for yours but demand them. These males kiss intensively and for a long time until an escort runs out of breath. Escorts are a prey for them. A kiss is a means to prove an escort their strength and will. Their main motto is “Veni, Vicli, Vici”.  Such men do not have plans to end a relationship in an advantages way for a female, so a woman should just enjoy what she has woman be able to forget about it tomorrow.

And what kind of kisses may tell an escort that a man worships her? They are the tenderest of all, which are enjoyed by all escorts. When a man touches escort’s lips in the way as not to cause any discomfort or pain. When men are afraid of offending an escort by their passion and make a nascent feeling disappear by unnecessary pressure. They just express their admiration and love to escort…