Female Manicure

When a man wants to get acquainted with an escort, he should take all her image into consideration because every detail of it can help make a choice. Footwear, clothes, make-up, hair and of course manicure. So the article reveals some secrets of the dependence of manicure and nail forms on a female personality.

They say that a real escort is distinguished by her nails. They are always in a perfect condition but she never boasts of it. Nowadays there are so many variants of manicure – classic French manicure, astonishing nail art – that it is completely necessary to show off these beauties. Besides, the form of nails may tell a lot about a female character.

British psychologists have worked out a test, the main gist of which is examining nail forms. And men should take a note of it when they want to get acquainted with a female because women’s manicure is a good book of escorts character.

The form and the colour of nails can reveal lots of female secrets. He nails that resemble the form of a square tell about a reserved personality. The escorts who have such nails never display their feelings. It is difficult to convince such an escort in something – she never believes somebody’s words – she will check everything back, think it over hundreds of times and if your words do not contradict logic and facts. It is not a good idea to criticize women with such nails. They have a rather high self-esteem they never feel sorry for themselves and for other people either. They have a strong personality so they do not forgive weaknesses. So the manicure also can add some information about a women character. If a man becomes blind from really bright and aggressive colours of nail polish, this escort won’t forgive you any flubs and will never give you the second chance to do something. If an escort has manicure of pastel colours, man will have to try hard in order to win her sympathy.

Escorts having paliform nails are not romantic at all – they are pragmatic and prudent. Bright manicure testifies the fact that such women set clear and definite goals and they are ready to follow them in spite of using cruel methods to do achieve them. Light manicure tells about the lack of fantasy in love matters. Such a woman will be a good housewife who will turn any house into an example of order and cleanness. An escort with French manicure knows what she wants very well. Moreover, she knows how to get it and use what she gets. She relies on her own experience.

Escorts with a rectangular nail form got used to living according to the principle ‘why not’. It is easy to persuade such a girl to take part in an extraordinary experiment or risk and try something for the first time. She likes being a leader in relationships and will willingly direct a man in love and life on the whole. Bright-coloured nails hide a little and unconfident girl who needs a strong shoulder to rely on in life so if a man feels like giving this support prepare to convince her in it.

Sharp pointed nails deserve a special attention. Artistic personalities have such nails. Moreover, they are dreamers and initiative romantics. A man will never feel bored in the company of this escort. She is pleasant to communicate with and she has a good sense of humour. Light pink nail polish with a minimum of decorations bares a many-face personality who hides her impetuous impulses behind a mask of gravity. It is interesting to spend time with such women because you never know what to expect from her and where this artistic nature is.

So this is a captivating nail story from British psychologists. Of course all the above mentioned facts relate to those cases when manicure is an everyday practice for an escort. If it is just a few times that a man see his new girlfriend with such nails, these facts can hardly be applicable. But there also advantages and an escort becomes even more interesting to deal with.