Inside of Female Bags

Female bags are well aware of all the women secrets, so if a man wants to know some of them, he should look into it. British psychologists have proved the fact that women’s bags hide a lot of interesting and useful information about female personality, her way of life, hobbies and interests. So let’s open it and see what’s inside.

What can’t a woman exist without? The answer comes naturally – her bag. British psychologists claim that the inside world of a female bag can tell a lot about its owner. That is why for female pleasure and due to fashion bags have become bigger and more beautiful decorated with numerous pockets. Such a design gives the possibility to put in a bag everything a girl wants. And what can an escort put in her bag?

Every escort has her own list of what she keeps in her bag. Everything depends on her mood, character, style of life and taste. Though for really fashionable escorts there are some ‘must be’ things which are irreplaceable and always modern. So what kind of things reside in such a bag?

Manicure set. Female hands are the part of a female figure that attract attention not less than a face. They also need an everyday care. And when sometimes perfect newly made manicure unexpectedly suffers during the day, it is annoying and disappointing. So a manicure set is always present in a female bag as a sign of the sense of responsibility. There are the instruments that will help to remove these annoyances in a magic manicure set.

Makeup. An escort starts every morning with makeup. Leaving her house she feels comfortable and self-confident and her face tells people that it is the beginning of the day. And a real escort always aspires to look perfect disregarding different weather conditions. It explains the presence of a beautician with a little mirror, a lipstick, powder and an eyelash liner. In other words all the cosmetic saloon.

Nail polish. Nail polish is also a thing which is due to care for the beauty of female hands and takes an honourable place among the other things. How can an escort do without it? When nail polish accidentally rubs away a woman feels like hiding her hands somewhere in order not to put on display this ugly picture. And if there is nail polish, it is a guarantee of your comfort.

A bottle of perfume. Fragrance is not the least important thing for escorts. That is why they always have a bottle of perfume in a bag. A few drops of it and a woman feels as just born.

A hair brush. This thing is personal and always universal. It should be present in a female bag. And fashion escorts cannot imagine a bag without this subject that helps to put every hair in order instantly.

A little note book. Our contemporary world is the time of high technologies and computer innovations but a real woman will necessarily have this little thing and she will always find a place for it. It is an all-purpose female device: escorts can write there a list of purchases they have to make, telephone numbers of their numerous admirers (a mobile phone simply shades under the burden of this long line), useful sayings, notes and plans for the future.

A mobile phone, Of course, a contemporary escort cannot do without it. And if this thing is forgotten somewhere, it is a disaster and the day is spoiled to the end.

A purse. It is not important where women keep their money. But a bag without a purse is something which is difficult to imagine. Escorts assure that it is a convenient thing not only to save their money there but also business cards, rings, earrings and a couple of photos.

Oh… the mysterious female nature…