Brunettes with Green Eyes

Brunette versus blondes – it is not relevant nowadays. Both the female types are very popular with men. However, nowadays there is a tendency for brunette girls to reach the leading positions in a silent beauty contest. Brunette girls with green eyes represent the highest interest in this question. What is a portrait of a brunette beauty with green eyes? What canons of fashion should she stick to and which of them avoid? Look deeper into the discussion.

Brunettes with green eyes are winning the Beauty World Championship. Now the standards of female attractiveness have changed a lot and the commonly accepted opinion of the blond supremacy is not fashionable any more. Though brunettes should consider the question of holding their positions carefully – that is they should learn how to express their beauty and stand out of the crowd, what clothes to wear and what make-up to choose.

Become a burning brunette – it is the first step bringing you luck. A brunette escort with green eyes is able to break lots of male hearts. It is important to accentuate the beauty of your eyes and choose the right style of clothes. If you are already a brunette, it is not the limit and you may become a burning brunette. Dark hair will be very becoming to your complexion and the eyes colour. If you have light coloured eyes, black hair is not the thing you should aspire for. The complexion of a brunette should be dark or very light.

A few pieces of advice about the make-up for brunettes with green eyes will be good here. Charcoal dark eye liner is a perfect choice. Also it is a good idea to create a mystic haze make-up look. Bronze and gold shades will be of great help and they are desirable to be with spangle or be glittering. This make-up is stunning for a burning brunette. Pink, blue and all the cold tints of shades will be becoming too.

A brunette female who has green eyes should make her lips expressed, fruity, juicy and appetizing. The best colour for your lips will be red. It can help you to underline your seductiveness. All the tins of pink will also become quite well. A brunette woman will be able to add more beauty and femininity with this colour range.

To make the portrait of a brunette girl with green eyes complete a few things connected with the choice of clothes should be made clear.

Bloom like a lavender. It is a cold tint and it will be amazingly good for your image. It is easy to make different experiments with it: scarves, bags, different accessories to match. The creativity is yours.

Grey mystery for dark-haired enchantresses. Grey is very fashionable this year and it should be present at any wardrobe. Brunette girls will look stunning due to it.

Shine like an aquamarine. This colour is able to make a female with dark hair even more romantic and feminine. These are the qualities which are appreciated by all men around the world and make women so different from them.

Be as watery as a lemon. It is the most juicy, bright and cheerful colour. It is a very becoming colour for green-eyed brunettes. It is highly fashionable if a girl combines the tints. For instance, a yellow shirt and an orange skirt – be extraordinary and males will estimate it and shower your with compliments and attention.

Flourish like a fuchsia. If brunette ladies want to create an image of a bright and active female, it is high time you did some shopping. Buy a shirt of a fuchsia colour and conquer the male world once and forever.

Hopefully this article will be a certain pledge for success for stunning brunettes with green eyes and the will win the male arena for a long time.