Lilyfields London Escorts Guide to Booking for the First Time

Lilyfields has an influx of new clients every month. New comers of the agency often feel quite shy and indecisive when they book an escort for the first time. It happens because they do not what to expect at their first meeting and regardless the service they order, new clients are the ones who are always in doubts. 


Are you browsing the Lilyfields London escorts website for the first time, thinking about booking an escort? Let us guide you through the process so that you can have a great experience and enjoy a fantastic time with our beautiful girls! Enjoy our guide to booking for the first time.

Clients book our escorts for all kinds of reasons – business men may be too busy to meet women in the conventional way so they seek out escorts, or clients might be lonely and they like the idea of beautiful companionship for an hour or so. Some may miss intimacy and wish to recreate this with an escort, and others may look for escorts to provide polish and glamour to an event, such as a party or a launch.

Your first contact with an escort is likely to be through a website or phone (here is a link to our online booking service, and our phone number is 020 3151 5330). We take the safety and security of our escorts seriously so the booking process needs to be done through the agency, rather than individual contact with the Lilyfields London escorts.

Check the information thoroughly – check the preferred payment method, the costs for the escort you want to book and whether they take incalls or out calls or both. (Incalls are where you go to the escort, and outcalls are where they come to you).

Check the services provided – for example, some escorts are bisexual and some are adventurous. If you want certain services you must check beforehand if they are provided.

Please note – Lilyfields London escorts (unlike other London escort agencies) like to look after their lovely ladies and we make sure our escorts are well-rested between appointments. This means that whilst our ladies are readily available 24 hours a day, sometimes certain escorts won’t be available because they have already seen a certain number of clients that day. We understand this can be disappointing, but if you are patient, your desired escort choice will be available at a later date.

We like our clients to feel relaxed and to have a nice time when they meet our escorts, but it’s polite if you don’t show up drunk or under the influence of drugs and that you have showered before attending your appointment. Please follow the payment instructions to the letter.

So there you have it! Why not book an appointment with one of Lilyfields London escorts today?