PLEASE read this for a better understanding of why some escorts at Lilyfields are recommended whereas others are not.

A frequently asked question is “Who do you recommend?”, however by the amount of London escorts listed on this gallery it would be helpful to give us a guideline.

This does not imply at all that the ladies not listed on this gallery are not good: they are either new and have not been given feedback yet, or they have just never received feedback. The latter in itself is good, as bad feedback is given more freely than good feedback.  A lady that has never received feedback could be the best one but her clients are not the “feedback giving” types. In the same way that a new lady could be the best one but has not been with Lilyfields long enough to have received feedback. Ladies with several negative feedbacks are not online (surely you will agree that like with everything else in live, it would not be fair to dismiss a lady based on solely one opinion).

Bottom line: do not be deterred by a lady who is not on this gallery – she might be the lady you have been looking for all along!

Your feedback is helpful in order to keep our standards high, and this gallery up to date.