Escort Agencies’ Requirements for Girls

There are a number of females who are willing to become escorts because they want to. They have different reasons for choosing this profession: some of them need to pay for education, others need to earn quick money. Escort agencies have certain requirements for women applying for the job as an escort. How strict are escort agencies’ requirements?

Being an escort is not a taboo. It is a legitimate business in the UK and many women make a career as escorts. If you would like to become one, go ahead and take pleasure in escorting.

The best way to become an escort is to address to the escort agency. There are a lot of agencies which are eager to recruit new girls. The benefit of working for an escort agency is that there is a lot of work that you should not do by yourself. The escort agency does a lot of marketing work and attracting clients. They check their backgrounds and decide whether to send an escort to them or not. They keep you in safety; they provide you with drivers who drive you to the client’s place and back.

But escort agencies have some special requirements for those who would like to become an escort.

Escort Agencies’ Requirements

  1. Every escort lady should be older than 18 years;
  2. A new girl must be able to show a valid ID and a work permit in the U.K, an pay their taxes;
  3. Escorts should have a good command of spoken English;
  4. Escorts who would like to work for London escort agency must reside in or near London;
  5. Every potential escort must be friendly and able to communicate with people of all ages, races and genders. The ability to be relaxed and friendly is a must for the best escorts.
  6. Escorts must have professional photographs. If the photos are not professional and have the low quality escort agencies will take excellent photos of the escort. With the help of professional photos escorts have much more clients then their colleagues with bad photos.

And of course every escort agency is looking for reliable ladies with excellent appearance and professional approach. That is why it is necessary to care of your body and appearance. So it is the most important criterion for escorts.

So if you think that you will be an excellent escort girl and you meet all the requirements mentioned above, you may complete the online application of any agency you like. The online application form you may find on the website of escort agency.