Christmas Gifts

One of the most popular holidays of the UK is coming closer and closer. Some will spend it with family or friends, some will spend some time with a London escort. Some will also make time for everything and book a sexy Brazilian escort in London inbetween their celebratory appointments.

Have you ever thought of how much money you spend on Christmas presents? And are you actually ready to buy everything that you want? We have gathered some statistics of Christmas gift expenses which shows how much British people are ready to spend for presents and not only presents.

In a few weeks Great Britain will celebrate the most favourite holiday in the world – Christmas. So what is the British Christmas in figures?

In comparison to the inhabitants of other European countries, British people spend the largest sums of money for Christmas purchases and gifts. In 2012 according to the UK national statistics the sales are forecasted for the sum about 68.7 billion pounds sterling.

Royal mail predicts that during a festive season it will be necessary to deliver 700 million Christmas cards and 40 million parcels. However, taking the snowfalls into consideration, it is improbable that all of them will come in time.

The First Christmas card in Great Britain was sent in 1843. Cards with the image of a festive dinner were published with a circulation of 1000 copies. The price was 6 pennies and the Christmas card was a very expensive pleasure.

In 2010 the characters of the animated film Wallace and Grommet were depicted on the Christmas stamps which were released by Royal mail especially for the holiday. And last year the Christmas stamps with the images of religious characters were released in honor of the holiday.

In spite of a religious basis of the holiday, only 45 from 5 363 Christmas cards sold this year in the British supermarkets have a biblical theme.

54% of the interrogated British people consider that the value of a holiday is exaggerated.

During the “hot” Christmas sales, the network of Marks and Spencer department stores employs about 20 000 people as the additional personnel.

68% of adult population of Britain is going to celebrate Christmas with a family, 18% – with a family and friends, 7% – with friends, and only 6% will be alone. By the way very often British people use escorting services in the eve of Christmas. Maybe this 6 % of lonely British is included in this number of people who would like to spend the holiday in company of pretty London escort ladies who brighten the life of people.

Poll of 2012 revealed that the most part of British people pursue some mercantile targets while choosing a Christmas gift. 52% prefer gifts which can bring profit to the person who gives the present, for example, the tickets to the theater or to the concert. 21% give the gifts which can be sometimes borrowed by them.
Top 10 of New Year’s and Christmas gifts:

  1. Gift certificate – 63%
  2. Visiting a restaurant – 54%
  3. Clothes – 49%
  4. Perfume – 41%
  5. Tickets to the concert – 38%
  6. Music (CD) – 36%
  7. DVD – 35%
  8. Money – 32%
  9. Souvenirs – 21%
  10. Odd gifts – 18%

So according to the poll if to summarize gift certificates and money we find out that the majority of British give to each other 50 pounds with the words “Buy something bright and fabulous for 50 pounds. Merry Christmas, darling! “. British people obviously have a nice sense of humour – but we already knew that.