Christmas 2012 in London

London is the best place to feel and experience Christmas 2012 to its full extent. What place can be more magical then London in Christmas? There are a lot of things to do and traditions to observe on Christmas. One of them is to book escort services in London. Numerous London escort agencies open their doors and make Christmas discounts for their services. So what are the advantages of celebrating Christmas 2012 in London?

The best present for the escorts in London is the Christmas vacation in Great Britain, the homeland of this magic event. To become the witness of how the British wait and celebrate Christmas is unforgettable experience for everybody, some days of the real sincere happiness in the company of hospitable and successful people, acquaintance with curious rituals and traditions which are kept by the Britain’s throughout many centuries. Preparation for the celebration of Christmas starts beforehand and it coincides with the Advent season (the first season of the church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays), and also with the careful decoration of the house and a yard with ivy, tinsel, ribbons and garlands, wreaths of winterberry.

The main square of London — Trafalgar — doesn’t remain without special ornament which is sent by royal family of Norway every year since 1946. The 20-meter fir-tree from Oslo attracts thousands enthusiastic people and escort ladies in the day when the people light the garland s of the fir-tree. This ceremony takes place in the last day of November or the first day of December. All the parks and squares of London turn into the noisy colorful skating rinks lighted with bright torches, filled with children’s laugh and sounds of a Christmas world famous song – Jingle Bells. Passersby with pleasure stay on the London squares, which attract people with the help of theatrical performances, concerts, pantomimes which evoke happy and festive mood in the hearts of visitors. A day before Christmas every house fills with the anticipation of any miracle, and culinary revolutions start in the kitchen. Frying pans with potatoes, a tasty turkey, pans with sauces, fruit for pies are the invariable elements of Christmas culinary.

And the main sorcery is the baking of a Christmas pudding which was a special plum-porridge till the 18th century. The tradition to put a coin, a thimble, a button or a ring into the pudding dough still remains, and thus everybody at the festive table tries a Christmas pudding, hoping that in his slice there will be one of the subjects predicting the great events of the next year.

The dinner starts at 1 p.m. and it is accompanied with a solemn clap of a Christmas cracker out of which the confetti, small souvenirs and comic messages fall on the heads of the quests. Traditionally at three p.m. all Britain’s listen to the festive speech of the queen. Then the time of games, heart-to-heart talks near the fireplace, and kisses under the branch of the mistletoe comes. Very often visitors walk along the central streets of London where a holiday is in full swing, and happy smiles of people around are contagious.

A most pleasant part of Christmas is the exchange of gifts which are carefully wrapped in a beautiful gift paper, and are handled with special wishes. Actually, in London the process of purchasing presents is a real pleasure, because some days before Christmas all shops suddenly turn into fantastic palaces. So it will be the best place for all the sexy escort girls. They will be able not only to spend the holiday fantastically, but also to do some great shopping.