Should You Buy Flowers for Escorts?

Well, this question should be rhetorical… Flowers for escorts is a-matter-of-fact thing and real gentlemen would never consider it as a puzzle. Escorts of Lilyfields adore flowers and when they are presented with a bouquet, they blossom! So if a man wants to create the special atmosphere of excitement and delight at a meeting with an escort, he needs to think of buying flowers for escorts

Why yes of course you should. Never feel that one of Lilyfields London escorts would not appreciate a thoughtful and well-chosen bunch of flowers..

Many of our clients like to buy flowers for escorts and we appreciate the romantic gesture. Flowers are always welcome – whether that is in the depths of winter as a reminder when the trees are bare that nature still exists, or in spring to signify the return of better and warmer weather. And of course, there are so many interpretations of flowers.

Your bouquet can be sweet and pretty, or wild and untamed… It can be prim and curtailed, or it can be exotic and sexy-looking. It can smell fresh, or it can smell enticing and musky. Can you see how I’m working this metaphor?!

It is possible to spend a great deal of money on a bouquet of flowers and of course, that gesture will always be appreciated, but it is also to possible to make a romantic gesture with a few, well-chosen blooms plucked from a garden and imaginatively arranged with ribbons, foliage and tissue.

Any woman, and that includes female companions, will always like flowers.

I am very fond of all flowers, but there are certain blooms that I really appreciate. Irises, for example, which signify wisdom, courage and admiration. I am also a big fan of the sunflower. Perhaps as I identify with it, turning its face to feel the sun, and I love to see it growing tall and proud in gardens. It signifies adoration and loyalty.

Lilacs are thought of as youthful, while carnations may be seen as a petrol garage cliche, but for me their range of colours and beauty never fails to please. They signify fascination and distinction so it is easy to see why clients would want to give these flowers to Lilyfields London escorts!

The orchid is a signifier for love, beauty and luxury – again, the relevance to London female companions can’t be missed. I adore orchids for their sense of the exotic and the erotic.

Finally there are wild flowers. I love wild flowers and the sight of them in gardens and fields never fails to cheer me. But I love them because they are wild, and they often grow in spite of human activity. Their beauty belongs out there in the wild.