Bond Street

Take your pleasure to look through the photos of our lovely escorts and choose the one to delight in the numerous attractions of Bond Street area.

Every girl loves to be taken shopping, so if you wish to spoil your favourite Lilyfields escort, then you could do no better than take her down to Bond Street in London’s fashionable West End. This prime shopping street has the highest density of luxury and haute couture stores anywhere in the world, attracting the rich, the famous, and the simply curious, who gather round to witness and indulge in the finest things life has to offer.


Since our ladies are always rated as the finest in their class, they are the perfect companions for any kind of adventure to this temple of luxury. Are you curious to try such a thrilling adventure with a Bond Street escort? Then read on. An exciting way to start off an afternoon on Bond Street might be to visit the famous Sotheby’s auction house, where you can watch some of the finest pieces of art be fought over by wealthy patrons, bidding ever higher amounts to win priceless objects.

When the auction fun is over, it will be time to explore London’s flagship fashion stores, and you will find Bond Street W1 is home to every luxury brand you adore, from Mulberry to Ralph Lauren to Hermes to Bulgari and a whole lot more. This shopping nirvana can be overwhelming at times, which is all the more reason to have one of our elite Latin companions by your side to help you decide what to buy.

Once you are done with the fashion, you can treat your muse to a visit to the flagship branch of the jewelers Tiffany & Co, where you can splash out on diamond necklaces, bracelets or watches, safe in the knowledge that your Bond Street escort will be sure to reward you later. Next stop should then be Victoria’s Secret, where you can purchase some of the finest lingerie imaginable, and our ladies would love to help you choose which sexy little number you would like her to slip into later on.

By this stage you will both be fired up by the day’s shopping success, and it’s time to relax over some of the best Italian food – and perhaps a little prosecco – at Carluccio’s. Once you have tried some of the delicacies and discussed the day’s events, you will want to see your very own private fashion show. Your companion will be delighted to finally show off that Victoria’s Secret lingerie you bought earlier, and you should find a place where you can relax, lie back and let her perform for you. Where better to get comfortable than with a room at the Westbury, one of London’s finest hotels, located directly on Bond Street itself? With it’s warm and luxurious furnishings, the Westbury is the perfect place to end a perfect day with your London escort in Bond street.