The Art of Seduction

There are a lot of articles and rules about a female and male pickup. However the true art of seduction belong to escorts. So all their skills can be united under one notion – escorts’ art. If a woman knows at least some of the escorts’ art rules, her success with men is guaranteed. So the article tends to give several good lessons to females and make the world a happier place to live for more women.

The art of seduction of a the escorts at Lilyfields London escort agency is the skills of how to seduce and allure men. These skills give the possibility to exercise the art of seductiveness of not only male strangers but also those with whom women have long and romantic relationships. Escorts’ art does not have anything in common with brutal male pickup, it is like light flirting with men for the sake of pleasure and confidence of their beauty and sexuality, the ability to turn numerous male heads.

There are certain rules of escorts’ art of seduction that any girl should know to be a success with men, to draw attention to their personality and make their frozen hearts melt. So here escorts present the basic rules that will make any men fall for you like mad.

First of all, a woman should be independent and friendly at the same time. She should start with sending a man hardly noticeable signals without making the first step. Smile, laugh, communicate, and feel as if you are a witty hunter decoying his prey. A proud bearing without tension, loose hands, confident gait are those features that are important at the beginning of escorts’ art games.

Secondly, be calm as a woman which has everything under control. The art of escorts such as Brazilian London escorts is a pleasure game – do not worry or be embarrassed. Composed confidence is the best hypnosis for him.

If a woman feels that it is the time to start the game, she should send a stop signal. A busty girl tries to make a man who she liked pay attention to her. Her glance is longer than usually, her smile is glittering with warmth and heartedness – everything is like in a flirting game but even more natural and unconstrained: an accidental touch, a dropped subject which the men of the interest can pick up for you. Shoes’ toes pointed the desirable man.

To be successful in escorts’ art a woman should also get prepared for it in advance, it concerns her overall image – clothes, makeup, hair, etc. a woman should be perfect and ideal – alluring and calling. So the clothes – a tightly fitting dress or skirt, shoes with high heels – it is a must. The make-up which is suitable for playing the game of escorts’ art should be expressive but not vulgar. Sensual lips and long lashes – that is what makes a woman look natural and attractive. On the whole a female should wear the style of a fatal beauty in order not to leave a single man indifferent to her. But her attention must be paid only to the one she chose.

Your speech should be melodious and calm without a note of anxiety which a woman should not reveal at all. The first several phrases can help form the first impression of you and it should be successful. It is a good idea to prepare some phrases at home and memorize them. A girl must speak clearly, listen attentively and not forget to smile and natural and light touches to the hand of a man when she hears something amusing.

Compliments are the best friends of a female who wants to learn escorts’ art. It is a proved fact that men like compliments not less than women. They like feeling that they are special and unusual. But there is an important detail – males perceive only those compliments which praise their actions not facts. Here are some examples to demonstrate good and bad compliments. ‘Your tie is very beautiful!’ – a bad compliment. ‘You have chosen a perfect tie!’ – a good one. ‘You have a cool car!’ – bad. And ‘Your driving is really masterful!’

And the last thing – modesty is the pledge for a female attractiveness. So if a woman wants to get acquainted with a man, she should not put on a dress resembling a peacock tail. It should be modest and as for the accessories, they can be bright matching the style of the dress and necessarily of a good quality.