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Polish Escorts in London

The peculiarity of the Polish escorts in London, as some say, is that they have a special skill of fascination. Even if one finds a trait or appearance loss watching a profile of a Polish escort, that will be forgotten when time comes for the real date. Book one of the Lily Fields Polish escorts and check if that is true.


Polish women are in incredibly high demand amongst British men. Before the fall of the Iron Curtain, these women were untouchable, they weren't seen and they weren't heard. However, now, they are present in all societies and this means they are also more accessible to men who have always had an interest in the foreign, of which there are many.

Sweet and Soft
Polish women are known to be incredibly sweet. Even if someone is being horrible to them, they remain respectful and sweat, being light in any rejection. Additionally, they only very rarely reject men, which is particularly nice for British men, who are used to women who are proud to be "hard as nails".

A Caring Nature
Additionally, Polish women love to give pleasure. They are often compared to Latina women because of this. Although their look is very different, they do have a lot of the same character of wanting to please. They enjoy the feelings they get from seeing someone enjoy themselves. It is this in particular that makes them so popular as escorts.

Another reason as to why British men love to hire Polish women is because these girls are incredibly feminine. They want to make sure they look attractive to the opposite sex, meaning they like to wear dresses and skirts and they keep their hair long. They also know how to do their makeup to accentuate their best features, rather than going for overkill.

Polish women are incredibly intelligent, as education is seen as very important in their country. Because of this, Polish escorts are often chosen by business men, who are firstly looking for someone to accompany them to an important gala event and be able to hold a conversation. However, because the girls always want to please their men, they will never make it sound as if they are more intelligent than him - even if they actually are.

One other thing that British men really love in Polish girls is their amazing sense of humours. Some say that sarcasm was invented in Poland, and these girls will really help you see light in any situation and have you laughing all night long. They claim to have gotten their sense of humour from American sitcoms and movies, but some believe it is simply inbred, something that they are born with.
Clearly, British men love Polish women. They offer so many things that regular English girls do not.

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