Why our Latin escorts are (finally) loving the World Cup?

Have you been watching England’s exploits at the World Cup in Russia? Harry Kane and the boys have been on fire, putting eight goals past Tunisia and Panama and qualifying with a game to spare, allowing themselves the benefit of putting on their pipes and slippers for the last match against the barmy Belgians.

As England fans, it’s been great to enjoy watching an international tournament for once, without the humiliation of being shown up by the likes of Algeria and Iceland.

The icing on the cake was Germany’s very England-like defeat to the Koreans, and with our usual nemesis now gone home, and a second-round game against Colombia coming up, could football be finally coming home?

England’s defeat by Belgium means we have a clearer route to the final than if we had finished top, and we won’t have to worry about Brazil until the final.

But who are we kidding? Colombia are going to be very tough opponents in round 2, and should we negotiate that, the Swiss or the Swedes await in the quarter-finals, and then probably Spain in the semis.

So let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Fifty-two years of hurt are probably going to turn into 54.

Other highlights for us have been the impressive Russian team, who have run faster than anyone else in the competition. They next take on Ronaldo + 10 other Portuguese players, while Spain and Uruguay face-off in an intriguing clash between two of the sneakiest defences in the tournament. It will be interesting to see if Ramos can dislocate Suarez’s shoulder before Suarez gets a chance to sink his teeth into a random part of Ramos’s anatomy.

And how awesome have Croatia been so far? Could this tiny nation of 4 million people become shock winners? We think they are the team to beat.
In an unexpected twist to the usual World Cup story, our Latin escorts have been pretty nervous so far, in a way that most England fans can empathize with.

It was a tough start to the competition for most Latin teams, with Peru and Costa Rica losing their first two games and being sent home, Colombia having a brain-fart against Japan in the opening 2 minutes, and the two heavyweights Brazil and Argentine initially struggling too.

But Argentina made it (just) in the end, and Philippe Coutinho’s skills and Neymar’s hairstyles were enough to see Brazil through to the second round where they will face Mexico, who qualified ahead of the sorry Germans.

How have you been enjoying this World Cup? Do you think England will go all the way? And if so, will we meet Brazil in the final?

We know the passions of the Latin people, and how excitable Brazilians in particular can be. We think the best possible final would be a Brazil-England encounter, and if you want to enjoy the wildest and most passionate escort date imaginable, why not book a meeting with one of our stunning Brazilian girls for July 15th?