Winter Copenhagen for Work and Pleasure

Copenhagen is described as the home of fairy-tale romance. The symbol of the city is the Little Mermaid, who is loved by the world over. She was created by Hans Christian Anderson and her statue can still be seen in the winter Copenhagen harbour, where she awaits her beloved. This demonstrates how much romance is the heart of the Danes.

If you are going on a two week business trip to winter Copenhagen, you may want to consider being accompanied by a Brazilian escort. After all, it would be such a shame to be in a romantic city and only have time to sit in a boring hotel and deal with boring meetings. There is plenty to see and do when you are not busy conducting business and your Brazilian escort will certainly be able to entertain yourself in your absence.

February – Wondercool

The best time to go to Copenhagen has to be winter, also known locally as the Wondercool month. This is the month of Valentine’s Day and you will find that romance is well and truly in the air. The restaurants offer some wonderful romantic meals that you can enjoy, often at private tables with candlelight. Wondercool is an annual festival that lasts for the full month of February. There are lovely cultural happenings all over the city, including music, food and after dark museums.

Cupid’s Arrow

The Thorvaldsen’s Museum is not to be missed either. You can see “Cupid and the Psyche” here, which is where Cupid is awaiting lovers with his bow, helping you be lucky in love. You will find this just outside Christiansborg Palace, the grand parliament building, from where you can also take a boat tour Copenhagen by boat. Do remember, however, that for your escort, this is just business. Hence, this is not a real life story of Pretty Woman. However, perhaps you can return home and find luck in love for real.

Getting Steamy

Of course, a trip with a Brazilian escort means things need to get steamed up a little bit as well. So why not go to Ny Carlsberg Glypotek, which is a steamy glasshouse where you can enjoy various exotic palm trees and beautiful water features and sculptures. It is a beautiful museum and you will come out hot, bothered and ready for some more action.

Love Seats Galore

You can also have a wonderful date night in the city, which is not to be missed if you are out with your personal Brazilian travel companion of Lilyfields. There are some amazing cinemas, but the Empire and Falkoner are really special. Rather than sitting in rows, you can sit in “love seats”, which means there will only be you and your escort. What you get up to is entirely up to you, although public nudity is not accepted in winter Copenhagen.

Star Gazing

The Planetarium does not have love seats, but you can sit down and gaze at the heavens together here. Even if the day is cloudy, the domed screen will still show you some amazing images of our cosmos. Starting at the universe together is an unforgettable experience.

Seal Your Fate

Finally, you can head to the Bryggebroen, which is a walking bridge over the harbour. For centuries, couples have written their names on the various padlocks on the bridge, which symbolises their eternal love for each other. Again, you’re with an escort so there is little point to writing your own name there, but it is certainly a site not to be missed if you are there.