Technology Changes the Way We Discover the Best London Escorts

The break-neck speed of technological progress, and how this has transformed the London escort scene in the past two decades. In this piece, we look to the future, and examine which technological innovations might end up changing the world’s oldest profession and most favourite hobby.

Erotic smartphone apps

Smartphone apps can be a real life-saver these days, with programs such as Whatsapp, Maps and Uber making our days much easier. So far, this has not really extended to the world of booking an escort, and we wonder if this will be likely to change in future. Apple currently make it impossible to download erotic apps on their store. Similarly, Google’s Play Store makes it very difficult to find adult content, and until there is some widely-used contender which permits such material, we don’t see apps making headway into the way we find elite escorts. However, with more and more escort websites becoming mobile-friendly these days, it is easy to find escorts while you are on the move.

With new standards such as Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, sites will become faster to load and easier to navigate while viewed on a smartphone. So while we don’t see apps making any great inroads into the escort continue to become more and more optimized for mobile use. We think that the new responsive version of Lilyfield’s website is a good example of escorts, we intend to stay in the vanguard of new technology, in order to help our clients.

Voice Search

We noticed that one of the best selling new gadgets this Christmas was the Amazon Echo. This stylish cylindrical device sits neatly in your home, and if you ask it questions, it will answer the best way it can. It can give you recommendations on what to see at the cinema, what the weather will be like tomorrow and a host of other useful info. Since it is powered by Amazon, any requests to buy products such as books, DVD’s and anything else will lead you to suggestions about how to buy it on the Amazon website.

Due to a partnership between Amazon and Domino’s Pizza, if you ask for a pizza, Echo will suggest opening an account with Domino’s, and from then on, if you ever ask it to bring you a Hawaii with double cheese, then the device will automatically charge your credit card and take care of the rest. We can certainly see that kind of service becoming popular very soon! Of course, mobile voice recognition has been around for a while now, with Apple’s Siri, Google’s Voice and Microsoft’s Cortana listening to your spoken requests for information.

Until now, these services merely opened a browser window for you with the search engine results based on your query, but the Echo seems to be taking voice recognition and interaction to a whole new level, and we wonder how this will be used in future by the escort industry and punters. Perhaps you will be able to ask Echo for the best kind of escort for you based on some pre-defined preferences, and the device will be able to search the best agencies in town, see which girls are available at this point-in-time, and provide you with a menu of options, perhaps sending some pictures to your TV screen or smartphone.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (or VR) has seemingly been touted as the next big thing for decades, but the rate of technological progress never seems to quite allow for it to make the breakthrough to mainstream usage. However, we think it would be unwise to write the technology off forever. Already, the gaming community is increasingly using VR goggles to immerse themselves in the worlds of dungeons, dragons and assassins. We think the natural progression of this kind of immersive technology is to move particular.

Imagine sitting back on your bed in your hotel, slipping on a pair of VR goggles, and asking the integrated voice recognition front of our eyes, you will be presented with pictures, bios and video introductions of the available ladies who best match your interests and mood. You could then request for the girl to visit you, and this request would check her diary, see that there was indeed a free space in her appointment calendar, debit some Bitcoins from your account, and then call Uber to send a cab to the girl’s location. Does it sound far-fetched? Maybe it does, but all of this technology already exists today, it just takes the will to connect it all together.

Where the future of escorting might get really different…

You must have heard of the blow-up dolls that for many years have been used by some men. However, in Japan use of these toys is more mainstream, and this liking for women made of rubber, allied to their love of robotics in general, means that Japan is at the forefront of making lifelike robots, for purposes ranging from hotel concierges to sexbots. Some of the newer versions are quite convincing, but we don’t really fear any of our high-end Latin escorts being put out of work by such devices, since the major attraction of meeting our girls is for the companionship and human contact that a sexbot will never be able to match.

However, we also note with interest the use of CGI to recreate characters in the last Star Wars movie, including those played by actors who have been dead for a long time. And we were shocked to see that the late Carrie Fisher had given the studios the rights to her image for future productions. It seems that the Hollywood film studios are getting better and better at creating life-like performances using just CGI and biodata from individuals.

Once the cost of such technology falls sufficiently, could escorts be able to produce CGI performances that are available to multiple people at once? Imagine slipping on a VR full-body suit, and settling back to enjoy a date with an escort who lives on the other side of the world, or one who is fully-booked due to her stellar reviews? Sounds weird? You bet. But don’t write it off!

As we have previously seen, technology has transformed the way we interact with escorts over the past two decades. With the convergence of new technologies such as virtual reality, voice recognition and super-advanced CGI, we can see the escorting industry changing in new and unexpected ways in the coming years.

However, we believe that quality escorting will never change, as at it’s heart, it is a process of personal interaction between lady and client. All that technology has really done over recent years is to allow for greater transparency and a more comfortable experience for the client and a safer environment for the best girls and agencies who offer the highest quality of services. As the leading provider of Latin escorts in London, we at Lilyfield’s also recognise the need to stay on top of the ball in terms of technology. Check back regularly so we can keep you updated in what is new in the London escort world.