Summer Pleasure in London with Latin Girls in Bikinis

Latin Stunners and Their Summer Bikinis That Will Turn You On

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard. Reard had noticed on his summer trips to the beaches of St. Tropez that female bathers were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits tomidriff exposed. Read more

Spring with Lilyfields

Why Latin Escorts Are Best for Spring Adventures

With spring just days away, it will soon be time to enjoy the coming of a new season, and a new start to the year. Did you know that until 500 years ago, New Year was traditionally celebrated at the start of Spring? Read more

Bank Bonuses with Latin Escorts of Lilyfields

How to Spend Your Banker Bonus?

For most of us, going back to work after the Christmas break is a sad time, as the festive season is over, and the reality of the long boring London winter becomes clear. One group of London workers however, walk back into the office with a spring in their step. Read more

Romantic Weekend in London

The Perfect Romantic Weekend with a Latin escort in London

Latin escorts are some of the most passionate in London, and are therefore perfect for occasions when you are in the mood for lust. But they are also known for their romantic and sweet natures, and they enjoy tender moments of companionship too. Have you considered meeting a Latin lady from Lilyfields for a whole weekend? Read more

5 Reasons to Choose Latin Ladies

5 Reasons to Choose a Latin Escort

With so many kinds of escorts to choose from, London is truly a Mecca for the escorting connoisseur. From blondes to brunettes, from English roses to Slavic beauties, the capital of the UK has something for everyone. However, we here at Lilyfields get to meet girls from all across the world everyday, and we can say for sure that Latin escorts have a certain something that others simply don’t have. Read more

Larry the Cat and a Latin Escort of Lilyfields

What does a Lilyfields Latin escort have in common with Larry the Cat?

The most famous feline in Britain today is Larry the cat, the Prime Minister’s cat, or to give him his official title, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. The British government has been employing cats to keep away mice and rats from Downing Street for over 500 years, and Larry has held the position since 2011. Read more

Escorts in the Movies

Escorts of the Screen

Throughout the history of cinema, escorts, call-girls and high-class courtesans have been the source of endless fascination and inspiration. Their lifestyle and adventures certainly form an interesting backdrop to plotlines, and in this post, we look back at some of our favourite escorts of the silver and small screen, famous escorts in movies.  Read more

Dancing Escorts of London

Dancing Escorts of London

Most Latin girls of our agency are dancing escorts, which means they have an additional way to spend time in a company of their clients. We are posting the story of one our escorts that tells us about the benefits of being a dancer and how it helps her in her job.  Read more

Blonde and busty girls popular with men

Why Are Blonde and Busty Girls so Popular?

There are some categories of escorts at Lilyfields that are especially popular with clients. Two of these categories are blonde and busty girls. These companions have their main signs of attraction that make men pay attention to them and not to any other girls of the choice. Feminine curves of busty females and chic fair hair of blondes put them ahead of other girls of the agency.  Read more

Blonde Beauties of Lilyfields

Blonde Girls – We Aim to Please!

The hot and gorgeous selection of Lilyfields blonde girls are here for you to please and entertain. What can one expect from a meeting with them? Well, it is definitely pleasure and pleasure, the main goal for these fair-haired beauties is to make their clients happy and satisfied.  Read more

Spotlight EscortsExplained

Escorts in the Spotlight

We decided to cast some light on Lilyfields spotlight escorts in the post because there a lot of clients that ask what ‘a spotlight escort’ is and we feel that it is time to clear everything out. All the escort girls of the agency are unique and worth booking for hours. However, there are certain companions who are so distinguished in their group (blonde, busty or brunette) that need to be given a special attention.  Read more

Birthday of an Escort Girl

How Escorts Celebrate their Birthday

Most escorts have a tradition to celebrate their ‘birthdays’ with clients. Under escort’s birthday they mean the day they when joined an escorts’ agency or the day of their first booking. The girls who decide to perpetuate this special date of their life are romantic and true devotees to their profession. Among escorts of Lilyfields there are also such girls and one of them agreed to tell us about one of her ‘birthdays’.  Read more

Gifts for Escorts

Gifts – Giving and Receiving

It is no wonder all people love getting presents. It is even more pleasant to get the present you desire. London escorts are the ones that can boast of being gifted a lot and often and in most cases these are the ‘right’ gifts that are really wanted and needed. One of Lilyfields girls has agreed to publicly share recent gifts for escorts from her devoted clients.  Read more

Spring in London with Ecorts

Spring in London

Every season of the year is remarkable and escorts favour every of the four because they have a lot to show off whether it is winter or spring, summer or autumn. However, the seasons that are appreciated by all the girls and just adored by all men are spring and summer. Spring in London is the time when naturalUK female beauty blossoms and every man is ready to give everything in order to admire it.  Read more

Love and Beauty

The topic of a female beauty seems to be an eternal one – all the women in the world want to be beautiful. And it is the most natural desire that a girl can ever have. Being beautiful for a woman is a pledge for her self-confidence and a happy life. This happiness depends a lot on men and the way they treat a woman. So any female tries to do everything to look attractive and in this way enjoy male attention and be happy!

Read more

Brunettes with Green Eyes

Brunette versus blondes – it is not relevant nowadays. Both the female types are very popular with men. However, nowadays there is a tendency for brunette girls to reach the leading positions in a silent beauty contest. Brunette girls with green eyes represent the highest interest in this question. What is a portrait of a brunette beauty with green eyes? What canons of fashion should she stick to and which of them avoid? Look deeper into the discussion.

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Female Charisma of Escorts

Female charisma presupposes lots of things. According to numerous researches held in the UK, the main female traits in appearance that are appealed by most men are impressive bust, long legs and lashes. And these things in appearance play a very important role causing all the further consequences. Considering these facts it is necessary to be beautiful for a woman to be a success with men. But what should a girl do if she does not have the characteristics needed to achieve this aim?

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Top Courtesans’ Lessons | Some Words About Being a True Courtesan

Nowadays the notion ‘courtesan’ has acquired a different meaning. And a real courtesan is a woman who knows the value of herself, she is always welcomed in any society and lots of women aspire to look like her. There are some top courtesans’ lessons that every true one tries to follow. And these lessons can help any woman to become as successful and admired as any real escort.

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Natural Girls of Lilyfields

Women are created to bring beauty and happiness. Their natural qualities presuppose sincerity, tenderness, love and understanding – they are those who make men feel on the top of the world. Nowadays female natural uniqueness is valued more than not by men. So escorts who are well aware of how to achieve it, present several steps that will lead a woman to the path of this natural uniqueness and success with men.

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Courtesans Spicy Tips: Being Beautiful

Beauty seems to be an eternal topic for discussion among women. But to be beautiful is not enough to have a constant army of admirers. Females of Lilyfields escort agency claim that an amorous look is what a real woman needs to be successful with men and happy. So they present their courtesans spicy tips of how to be amorous.

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Enticing Girls of Lilyfields Escort Agency

Women are not women if they do not search for the ways to attract men. Female nature presupposes the enticing instincts to continue generation. And men are always happy to look at beautiful and alluring females. Lilyfields escorts represent their own ways of how to entice men based on their experience of communication with men.

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Latin Escorts and Their Female Intimate Image

Our life consists of many parts and intimate relationships with partner are not the last on the list. To feel contented and delighted women have to choose their own natural way of behavior in intimate relationships with men. There exist types of women based on their intimate image. It is good to consider both the positive and the negative sides of them and create your unsurpassed intimate look.

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Secret Female Intimate Powers

Escorts represent a little scope of little but mighty parts of a female appearance. Most women leave tiny details of their appearance unnoticed but it is not the most advantageous idea to do so. Sometimes these trifles play a crucial role at the beginning or in course of male-female relationships. Female eyelashes and nails are those secret female intimate powers that have become the spotlight of the escorts’ discussion.

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Attractiveness of Sensual Latin Girls

There is no doubt that a woman has got a certain power over men. But not all the females are aware of this power and moreover they do not know how to use it. What is it that makes men go crazy about women? Sensual Latin courtesans seem to know the answer. Latin women have always enjoyed a great popularity with men. Their presence in society makes male heads and not only heads turn in their direction. Latin women agreed to share their little secrets with other women.

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Escort Female Nails and Personality Traits

Women are very easy to read and to get to know. There are a lot of indicators which help to reveal a mystery about an escort personality. They say that female hands are one of the things that will definitely tell you a lot about a woman. And it is not only neatness of her hands that matters. Female nails are your best opportunity to find out a lot of significant personality traits.

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Female Irresistibility of Lilyfields Escorts

UK scientists continue claiming that love is not only a magical thing. They assure that everything can be explained with scientific fact and it means that people can control their feelings and emotions. British psychologists have challenged the question that worries most women – what is female irresistibility? They represent the results of their work which explain most questions and satisfy female curiosity.

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What Are Attracting Things in Girls?

It is not surprising that any girl would like to know everything about what things in her appearance can make a guy fall for her. Here is a list of the most significant points that men notice first when they look at an escort. This list of the most prominent attracting things in girls will help any of you get to the essence of her beauty and be able to manipulate men.

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