Latin Dance in London

Latin Dance Starts a Romance

With Strictly Come Dancing soon to be on our screens again, many of us will think again about learning a new dance routine. The Latin countries are famous for their erotic and passionate forms of dancing, and if you are looking to learn a style, chances are that style will be from the Latin world! Read more

Summer Pleasure in London with Latin Girls in Bikinis

Latin Stunners and Their Summer Bikinis That Will Turn You On

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard. Reard had noticed on his summer trips to the beaches of St. Tropez that female bathers were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits tomidriff exposed. Read more

Spring with Lilyfields

Why Latin Escorts Are Best for Spring Adventures

With spring just days away, it will soon be time to enjoy the coming of a new season, and a new start to the year. Did you know that until 500 years ago, New Year was traditionally celebrated at the start of Spring? Read more

Modern Escorts Business in London

Nuances of Escorts Business in London

London is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan hubs that the entire globe can boast of. The city therefore experiences varied foreigners on different ventures with most of them on exploration trips to the destination. Read more

St. Valentine's Day with a London Escort

Romantic Spots to Celebrate LOVE in London

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thoughts naturally turn to appreciating relationships and romance. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship right now, the romantic spots below are just the place to take that special someone. Read more

A Latin Girl on Christmas Eve

Stay Up All Night on Christmas Eve!

What are your plans for Christmas Eve? If you are at a loose end and want to spend it with a sexy lady who will make you feel like a million dollars, why not meet one of our Lilyfield’s London escorts? Our girls are the very best Latin companions in London, and with their passionate natures, sunny personalities and gorgeous looks, they are the perfect Christmas Eve partners. Read more

Advent Calendar 2016 with Lilyfields

Things to Do with a London Escort This Advent

With December knocking on the door, it will soon be time to crack open that advent calendar and start eating your way to the big bit of chocolate reserved for the 25th. If you are celebrating an early Christmas bonus, or are just in the mood for some Latin passion, then we suggest you make the most of this year’s advent by going for a date with one of our sexy escort babes. Read more

Thanksgiving Day Celebrated with Latin Girls

Thanksgiving with a Latin Girl in London

As we progress through autumn and winter looms ever closer, we come to the next major celebration of the year: Thanksgiving. In recent years, this American traditional holiday has gained more and more popularity here in the UK, and in 2014, it was estimated than one in six Britons celebrated the penultimate Thursday of November. Read more

Romantic Weekend in London

The Perfect Romantic Weekend with a Latin escort in London

Latin escorts are some of the most passionate in London, and are therefore perfect for occasions when you are in the mood for lust. But they are also known for their romantic and sweet natures, and they enjoy tender moments of companionship too. Have you considered meeting a Latin lady from Lilyfields for a whole weekend? Read more

Coolest Pubs in London

Coolest London Pubs

For us, the second best way to spend time, is by relaxing in a cool pub. The first best thing, of course, is to spend it relaxing in a cool pub with some charming female company, enjoying some chilled down time. Read more

Cinema with Escorts

What’s on at the Cinema This Week?

Many gentlemen contact us and ask for a Latin escort companion to be their date for a trip to the cinema. We think this is a lovely idea for a meeting with one of our ladies, as there is something rather sweet and romantic about going to the movies with a girl for a first date. Read more

London attractions with Latin escorts

To-Do List: London This Week

London always has something exciting going on. Here are some ideas for activities you can enjoy in London this week. As is usually the case when it comes to thrilling adventures, each of these experiences are best enjoyed with one of our Latin escorts.  Read more

Larry the Cat and a Latin Escort of Lilyfields

What does a Lilyfields Latin escort have in common with Larry the Cat?

The most famous feline in Britain today is Larry the cat, the Prime Minister’s cat, or to give him his official title, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. The British government has been employing cats to keep away mice and rats from Downing Street for over 500 years, and Larry has held the position since 2011. Read more

London Weekend with Latin Escorts of Lilyfields

What Can Two Adults Get up to in London This Weekend?

With the British summer finally giving us some warmer weather, we should take the opportunity to use the London weekend to get out and about, and visit some of London’s best attractions. We all know the family-friendly haunts, but where can two consenting adults go to enjoy some more X-rated and sensuous fun?  Read more

Brexit Influence on Escorts' Business of London

How Could Brexit Affect London Escorting?

Introduction: Brexit

On 23rd June Britons voted via referendum to leave the European Union. At the time of writing (end of June 2016), this so-called Brexit has led to the resignations of both leaders of the two main political parties, has led to crashes in Sterling and the stock market, threats from Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave the UK, and we are still no closer to knowing what the vote for Brexit will actually mean for Britain. Read more

Gloucester Road Escorts

Gloucester Road As Centre of London’s Thriving French Community

Just one look at our Gloucester Road escorts is enough to make most of us want to jump on the next District Line train and go meet them in person. There is just something about Latin ladies which drives men wild with lust. Could it be their dark-eyed sultry looks? Is it their sleek yet feminine figures? Perhaps it is their reputation for fiery romance. Whatever the reason, the only way to quench your passion is to meet one of them today.  Read more

Sloane Square Escort

Sloane Square High Class Entertainment

Sloane Square is one of the most luxurious destinations in London, as it offers high-class shopping, eating and entertainment in a refined and sedate location, without the rush of the busier parts of town. In fact, Sloane Square could just be the ideal place to visit in the company of one of our glamorous Sloane Square escorts, as it contains the very best venues and activities to enjoy with an attractive woman, while also allowing you to relax and truly savour every moment.  Read more

Luxury Escort at Hyde Park

Luxury Hyde Park of London

Hyde Park is the largest open space in London and is conveniently located for all those in Central London who desire some greenery in their life. As a perfect place to go for a romantic walk, and plenty of attractions both in and around the park, Hyde Park is also an ideal place to visit in the company of one of our elite Hyde Park escorts.  Read more

Marble Arch Escort

Marble Arch Is Centre of London’s Cultural Life

Marble Arch escorts have to be the best in the business, because they operate in the top end of town, where beauty comes as standard. Not that there is anything standard about the beauty of our Latin companions, as each of them have been truly blessed by mother nature. Experience the true passion you can only get with a genuine Latin lady, by choosing one of our elite escorts.  Read more

Green Park Escort

Squirrels and Upscale Restaurants of Green Park

Green Park escorts are know for their combination of good looks, Latin charm and erotic manner. Our Lilyfields girls in particular are a good choice for those of you seeking a romantic date with a hot companion anywhere in Green Park. All of them have the elegance and feminine curves you have come to expect from Latin escorts and a meeting with one of them will be an experience to treasure.  Read more

An Escort from Willesden Junction

Willesden Junction Diverse Culture and Cuisine

Willesden Junction is an exciting and vibrant part of London, with some of the most diverse culture and cuisine in the capital. And if you visit this part of town in the company of one of our sexy Willesden Junction escorts, you can expect to enjoy a truly thrilling adventure!   Read more

Outcall Escort at Brit Awards 2015

A London Escort Visits Brit Awards

Lilyfields girls are often booked for big events such as business, cultural, fashion parties. Lately one of our escorts has visited one of the best and biggest events in the UK – Brit Awards. Here’s her story of what she did and who she saw.  Read more

A Night out with an Escort

Business Trip to London & a Night Out with an Escort

There is always a sense of novelty when you do something for the first time. One of our clients has told us about his experience of a night out an escort at some of his corporate event in London. Being part of the opposition against escort services, he was pleasantly surprised by an escort girl he met and changed his opinion of them forever.  Read more

Clubbing couple

Night Entertainment in London: Clubs’ Rules

Nightlife in London can be very different and one can find the entertainment to one’s tastes. One of the most popular nightlife attractions for visitors and residents of London is escorts and clubs. A lot of tourists coming to the capital of the UK get the best of it. London is famous for being a number one entertaining European capital and the leader of providing professional escort services.  Read more

Chilling out in Soho

If London is the centre of entertainment in Europe, Soho is the centre of nightlife for all the lovers of night city lights. Soho gives a wonderful possibility for all its fans to enjoy the happiest time of life. There are a number of clubs that offer the entertainment of different kinds. Clubbing can become one’s unforgettable personal experience if one is accompanied by a beautiful London escort.  Read more

London Nights Out with Escorts

London Nights Out

London is a perfect city of adult entertainment. The city gifts everyone a bright bunch of night emotions guiding those who are 18+ to the world of passionate sensuality and unforgettable feelings. Adult London nights out are remarkable for the diversity of entertainment institutions offering their services to the night fans.  Read more

Attractions in London

Popular Adult Attractions in London

London offers numerous possibilities of adult entertainment for its visitors and residents. One can definitely find every sort of adult attractions in London. Extravagant and dissolute, classic and modish, beautiful and beastly, romantic and businesslike, London has always drawn attention of people. If you are looking for extraordinary gout of life, London is the city to consider.  Read more