Fantastic Things to Do in London This September

September is perhaps our favorite month. It marks the seasonal shift from summer to autumn and is the time Londoners go out of their way to make the most of the last days of warmer weather, before the grind of the colder and wetter months.

Our Brazilian London escorts certainly try to enjoy this month and want to experience the best September What When Where in London in your company. What can you get up to alongside a Latin London lady? Here are some ideas.

London Fashion Week

September, 12th – 17th
London, The Strand

London Fashion Week now rivals New York, Milan and Paris, and every September the biggest brands come to the capital to showcase their latest designs. This year most of the catwalk events take place in The Strand, with designers including Bvlgari. An afternoon visit with a Latin escort is a great way to start a date. The show runs from September 12th – 17th.

Totally Thames Festival

September, 1st – 30th
London, The River Thames

The river Thames is celebrated throughout the month of September in the Totally Thames festival, featuring large-scale art installations, free exhibitions and live performances. You can enjoy archaeological tours of the riverside and even get on the river itself on a boat tour – which is a great idea if the weather is good. But if the London climate doesn’t play ball you can still enjoy riverside musical events, such as the Korean Red Umbrella troupe in Kingston and in the bascule cellars of Tower Bridge.

Last Night of the Proms

September, 14th
London, The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is the scene of the Proms, with the Last Night of the Proms being a televised event of music and British eccentricity. But in the last few years, the BBC Proms in the Park has proved to be an even more popular live event. This year it takes place on the 14th September in Hyde Park and promises to be a riotous mix of live music, fireworks and cheery singalongs. Your Latin escort companion is going to love it.

Vegan Vibes GMT Food Market

September, 6th
London, Greenwich Park

If healthy food is your thing, then the Vegan Vibes GMT food market in Greenwich is going to be well worth a visit. It takes place on the 6th September, entrance is free, and you can pick up delicious vegan gifts and samples. You can then take a walk in Greenwich park and see the sun set over Canary Wharf. And on the 14th of the month, you can come back to South East London for the Woolwich carnival. This multicultural event rivals the Notting Hill carnival for colour, but with a far friendlier vibe.

Luna Cinema

September, 3rd, 8th
Battersea Park, Regent’s Park

Finally, late summer in London has to include a spot of open-air cinema. The best of them this year is the Luna cinema, which takes place in several venues across the capital. At Battersea park on the 3rd of September you can watch the classic ‘80s comedy The Breakfast Club. And the following evening enjoy the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Meanwhile, in Regent’s Park on the 8th there will be a showing of the Monty Python hit The Life of Brian.

Are you looking forward to September in London? Which of these date ideas do you like the most? Whichever one you choose, with a London escort by your side, you can expect a rendezvous of romance and passion which will last long in your memory.