Romantic England

London is the city that has a lot of opportunities for time spending. Depending on the purposes of the visit to the capital of the UK, one can find a lot of choices for cultural, romantic, historical, modern ways to enjoy the city and its life. London escorts represent a wonderful possibility for all the visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of  love in London.

Britain is the kingdom of ancient castles, surprising legends and unique landscapes… What only miracles you will meet here! Undoubtedly, it is one of the most romantic countries of the world.

However, romanticism is different: for someone it is expressed in walks along the beach at the sunset, for someone – in visiting the unique places of a planet and sightseeing filled with the cultural sense, and for others the most important thing is to retire to a silent and cozy place.

If you want to make a visit to romantic England unforgettable you have to visit at least one of these romantic places. If you travel with your girlfriend, it will be the best choice for vacations, and even if you are alone, you may invite a charming London escort to accompany you to one of these magnificent places.

Country Romanticism: Cotswold’s

This region by right is considered one of the most picturesque places of romantic England. Small villages with fantastic lodges and the most beautiful landscapes promote the awakening of pleasant emotions and warm feelings. Going to these places with pretty London escort, stop for a couple of days at the silent and cozy hotel “Bed and Breakfast” in order to take pleasure in rural idyll.

Mystical Romanticism: Glastonbury Tor

All know that the well-known rock festival takes place in Glastonbury. However music is not the one reason to visit these places. There is a legendary hill of Glastonbury Torahs, a cradle of numerous myths and legends connected with the mysterious island of Avalon, king Arthur and wizard Merlin. Glastonbury Torahs is considered a point of concentration of the most powerful energetic flows. To come to this place together with your beloved lady, to behold the world, standing on the hill and holding hands is the most romantic thing!

Resort Romanticism: Whit stable

The small resort town Uitstabl is situated at the Kent County. This charming place is well-known for its oysters – they gather it since the time of Romans! There is a great scope for romanticism: it is possible to go yachting or to spend the whole day on a beach, having rented a small beach lodge – beachhut or to eat oysters at the coastal cafe, to walk on the sea coast, watching as the sun goes down.

Royal Romanticism: Windsor

The small English city of Windsor is well known to the whole world thanks to the Windsor Castle located here – residence of the British kings. For more than 900 years the castle expresses the firm sign of monarchy, towering on the hill in the valley of Thames. It is one of the “most romantic of all castles in the world”, according to review of Samuel Pepys – the writer of the XVII century. Having visited the castle, plunge into the atmosphere of royal luxury! Together with lovely London escort you should walk along the streets of this lovely small town – even outside the castle it is possible to have a good time!