Men Choosing Perfume for Escorts

One of the best presents for women is perfume. So men should be well aware of some common ideas of choosing perfume for their beloved escorts in order to be able to surprise and please them. There are two main points about it: hair colour and character. It is up to a man to choose which of the idea to be guided by.

Sometimes men want to make their escorts happy doing something very pleasant. One of the most widespread presents is perfume. However the choice of female fragrances is quite complicated for males. Most of them are unaware of the fact that perfume is chosen not only because its perfect scent. It is necessary to take lots of things into account when buying perfume. It is escorts traits of character, her hobbies and peculiarities, and also hair colour. Women should think about it too. There are some cases when you like the fragrance in the shop but when you come home you change your mind. So British perfumers have singled out some universal rules for choosing perfume correctly.

So first of all it would be a good to clear everything up with hair colour. If your partner is a blond escort having light rose-tinted skin, you should give preference to airy and hardly perceptible scents with flowery notes. It is also possible to put an eye on perfume with fruit or green tea fragrance. Such perfume will emphasize blond escorts’ luminous image adding to it lightness and elegance.

If your escort has fair hair, look for perfume with erotic notes. Though it should not be too foxy. The element of slight sensuality in combination with fruit fantasies will add brilliance and finesse – exactly what you need.

Those escorts who have really bright appearance namely red-haired females with green or brown eyes can use heavier perfume – spicy, oriental. Such fragrance will add juiciness and will make them even more attractive and desired.

Cold fragrances without bits of sweetness are perfect for brunette escorts. Also it is good to add some musk, sandal and various flowers that will make them more charming and mysterious.

Choosing the right perfume for an escort, men should take character into account too. Most people consider the choice of perfume the most appropriate if they are guided by traits of character.

Successful escorts

These females like keeping everything in order and make plans for their every action. They choose expensive clothes, footwear and tasty food. Such women always remember about their aims and try to reach them as soon as possible. They lead an active way of life and take part in various social gatherings. They control their time and use it carefully. They are never late, they are lucky and successful. These escorts will appreciate flower-fruit perfume for day-time and aldehyde for night-time.

Adventurous escorts

They live today, they are decisive and are not afraid of doing any brave and audacious actions. Adventurous females have a good sense of humour and find the way out from any difficult situation. They are impatient and not good listeners, they are talkative and open. These girls do not have preferences for definite clothes and combine absolutely opposite things. So flowery fragrances will be a perfect choice for adventurous courtesans.

Romantic escorts

They are emotional and sensitive, they cry when watching melodramas and keep all the birthday postcards. Romantic girls support and help other people. They are wonderful housewives and mothers. Such companions are kind, attentive and merciful, they can find mutual understanding with almost all people. Romantic ladies are good at fashion and take care of themselves thoroughly. Fresh fragrances are for day-time and sweet, spicy, muscat – for night-time.

Make the image of your favourite escort complete with the best perfume!