Peculiarities of Escorts Profiles

When a girl starts her career in escorting she should take into account every minor detail of her new life. There are certain things that shouldn’t be mentioned in the escorts profiles to secure the girls real life from the interference of her work. There is certain information that should be kept a secret by an escort in order to guarantee her own privacy.

When a girl is working in escort business she should take care about her safety; that is why she should be very careful mentioning some facts in her working profile. Of course, everything that is posted in escort’s profiles should be accurate and true. The girl shouldn’t lie and distort the information just because she wants to attract the clients.

Some individual escorts who are just starting their career in escorting tell the clients that they are newcomers to this industry. For the clients it means that such girls don’t have a lot of lovemaking acts and they are practically pure and clean. This trick helps to attract several clients at the beginning, but it’s not a smart idea to open this information to those who want to take advantage of the amateur status of the escort. They consider new escorts just as fresh meat. Besides the clients think that a newcomer is untainted by the rules and procedures of this industry. And they use it. They persuade escorts to bend the rules, stretch the boundaries in order to get the services that are not generally afforded in the circles of experienced escorts. The majority of the threat the amateur status of the escort as the ability to fulfill their forbidden dreams. They think that such escorts can’t refuse doing something, because they are afraid of losing the clients. By confessing that she is new, an escort gives the clients the possibility to think that she can’t deny their outrageous or unreasonable requests. That is why new escorts shouldn’t provide any details that will help clients to identify their amateur status.

Picking up one’s fake name for the profile, mind that one’s real name should never be associated with the working name. A girl shouldn’t use any form of her real name when she creates her own escort profile and legend. Escorts should be careful when they choose photos for their profile. Very often photographers who take photos for save files and photos with the real names. And when an escort uploads such photos in the profile, the file name is often available to anyone who browses the photo. And that is why before uploading photos escorts should check meta data and tags that may also include the real name. People with tech skills can easily get the secret information and get more details about the escort and her real life that can be the reason for blackmailing. Besides, escorts should pay extreme attention to their email addresses, website or cell phone, because these things can lead to their real names.

Very often naive escorts reveal too much innocent details about themselves. This information also can lead the client to their real life. Some escorts can’t miss the chance to mention something about their education. Knowing the details of one’s high school a client can use this information to locate the girl. Independent escorts should not give clues to the place where they live.