Make Your Intimate Life Better

Do you still wonder how to make your intimate life diverse? You are lucky to come across this post. We are happy to share our ideas of making your sex life really enjoyable and bright for you. There are certain ingredients for a happy intimate life that are indispensable – they are our charming girls! 

Phew – the weather is hotting up and so are the libidos around here. But what if you want to spicy up your sex life? Read on and let Lilyfields escorts fill you in…


First of all, enthusiasm is the number one turn on, so throw yourself into intimacy with no-holds barred and a cheeky grin.

Position your pillows. Putting pillows under your hips (ladies) allows your hips to tilt up and present the perfect angle. Sticking a pillow under a man’s chest before he goes down is another great way to make intimacy better.

Watch a dirty movie together – choose it together so you are both getting to watch scenarios you want to see ,watch it in bed and then have fun re-enacting what you have seen. You can even re-create the cheesy dialogue if you want!

An out of the blue email telling your partner exactly what you would like to do with them that evening is a wonderful way of creating anticipation. If it is something than you don’t do regularly, it will come as a wonderful surprise to your partner and create excitement. If he or she does a dull job, then you’ll make their day feel 100 times more exciting.

Make sure you play footsie when you go out for dinner. Again, it’s an oldie but a goodie. Move your foot as far up your partner’s leg as you can while maintaining normal conversation. It’s so naughty… as we adventurous escorts know so well.

Make room for massage. At the end of the day, we all suffer from aches and pains so offering up a massage when someone is tired and achey can lead to intimacy. Skin-on-skin contact is always welcome.

While going slow is always nice, so is a quickie from time to time. If sex is something you usually confine to leisure time in the bedroom, why not try a quickie just before you go out, or as a prelude to dinner?

Sitting on his lap offers up all kinds of lovely, thrilling possibilities. Try it and see…

Turn your bedroom into a hotel room. We all enjoy intimacy when we’re away from our daily lives, so recreate that hotel room in your bedroom. Clean sheets, candles, a bottle of champagne cooling in an ice bucket and a different air freshener will create that hotel feel.

Ever tried a little fellatio on a guy while he is standing up? It’s much more intense…
Of course you’ll need to trust your partner, but a few sexy shots or a film of the two of you getting it on are a great way to add excitement to your lives.

Have fun folks!

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