Luxury Hyde Park of London

Hyde Park is the largest open space in London and is conveniently located for all those in Central London who desire some greenery in their life. As a perfect place to go for a romantic walk, and plenty of attractions both in and around the park, Hyde Park is also an ideal place to visit in the company of one of our elite Hyde Park escorts. 

Hyde Park dominates the West End of London, linking the luxury residential and retail areas of Mayfair, Kensington and Knightsbridge. The park itself was opened in 1536 as a hunting ground for the notorious Henry VIII, and played host to the Great Exhibition of 1851. Today it is a popular place of retreat for office workers, picnickers and anybody who wants to relax in beautiful tree-filled surroundings. The park also has a lot of offer the committed escort hobbyist, so if you would like some ideas for how best to enjoy a romantic date with a Hyde Park escort companion, then we encourage you to read on.

Entering through the Grand Entrance next to Marble Arch, you will first come across the fabled Speaker’s Corner, where for centuries Londoners could speak openly and freely about (almost) any topic. These days almost any subject is allowed, and it can be an amusing and sometimes hair-raising place to visit, listening to everything from the latest conspiracy theories to odes about religion and freedom of speech.

Summertime in London is never complete without visiting the Serpentine lake, situated in the middle of the park.

This beautifully clean body of water was the scene of some of the swimming events of the 2012 Olympic Games as well as hosting a prominent and moving memorial to Lady Diana. At the Serpentine you can rent a rowing boat and row out to the centre of the lake with your Latin escort and enjoy some privacy for romantic conversations, and the lake also offers a lido section where you can relax in the sun and admire the sexy curves of your chosen companion.

It’s easy to have a good time in Hyde Park in the summer months, but in winter the park really comes alive. There are several excellent Christmas markets, especially the annual Winter Wonderland event, where you can stroll through the Christmas stalls with your sexy companion, take part in a spot of ice skating, and enjoy a bowl of winter punch, just perfect for warming you both up on a chilly day.

Hyde Park is truly a magical place to spend time with a charming female companion, and our Latin escorts are the ideal partner for any romantic excursion you may have in mind.