Tidings of Loving Females

Words of love are the most pleasant thing that is possible to hear. Long time ago men were the ones who were supposed to speak about feelings first. Nowadays accents have changed and women do it not less than men. What are the most original ways of saying ‘I love you’ to a man? Escorts are happy to share their ideas.

Centuries ago it was shameful and even disgraceful for women to speak to men about love. Luckily the 21st century has changed the situation and these stereotypes are not modern any more.

Every century various kinds of metamorphosis happen with females: they become leaders at work, in life and of course, in relationships. Men change in a completely different direction. A girl can hardly hear serenades under her balcony, witness romantic declarations of love and stupid heroic acts. What should a woman do? They take the initiative in their own hands.

Escorts organize the most romantic and beautiful declarations of love. They use numerous methods in order to say about their feelings. It is well-known fact that a female loves with ears and a man waits for specific actions that is why the words of love without actions won’t cause any emotions. Escorts remember that the main ‘loving part’ of men is their eyes.


Night. Candles. A little round table for two with delicious meal. If an escort wants to tell her partner about her feelings in a romantic way, she would use such a method. The only thing that a woman should remember is that it is better to surprise a male with the dishes that she knows how to cook and they have already proved to be tasty. It is important not to overdo with the dinner, it shouldn’t be too substantial because the only result that a female will achieve after eating all her cuisine novelties is watching TV on the sofa.

Escorts tactics

It is not a secret that a man is a gambler by nature and likes leadership. So escorts try to satisfy this natural quality. For example, she plays his favourite games – billiards, poker, chess, etc. And one of her weapons is to lose in it and admit that he is a very strong opponent. Slight flattery is not a sin but more likely a conquering tactic.

Love without ruses

If a partner is a straightforward person and does not like beating around the bush, the best way to say about the feelings is to tell him straight that he is the dearest person in the world, that your love is not just a whim and that you hope that he experiences the same feelings to you.

Sincerity in love

There are no rules or restrictions that people have to observe in love. The best words of love can be simple but memorable for a man and he will recallect them till he becomes old and crippled. Maybe men have a strong character but they are very sensitive in heart so a sincere declaration of lave won’t leave him indifferent. The most significant thing that women often forget is to be themselves. A man values a calm and adequate escort but not a woman who makes his love a complete extreme race. He loves stability and peace at home and a female is responsible for it.

Words of love are a very serious thing that does not let any confusion and delays. However hastiness is not the least important factor which needs to be considered. Any declaration, any actions should be done in such a way that there won’t be any difficulty for a man to believe in it. Escorts choose the right time and place to speak about love. They plan any minor detail not to shed floods of tears about a spoiled evening or what is worse, spoiled relationships. The best and the most beautiful words of love will be said when a woman sincerely believes in them. And then even a simple ‘I love you’ said once but frankly will sound as a symphony of happiness.