London’s airports are open…

Please note this is a fast-moving situation and all the data used here was accurate as of 20th July 2020. We advise to check with foreign office travel advice before you book and before you travel. 


Spain was one of the hardest hit countries in the first wave of the pandemic, and although there is no quarantine in place for UK travellers, the country is taking a no-nonsense approach to local lockdowns. At the time of writing, the region of Catalonia has restrictions in place, and the situation could quickly change between the time you book a flight and when you get to your destination. For this reason, Spain looks fine for a short, last-minute booking, but you should exercise caution when planning a longer trip. 


After a rather laissez-faire start, France quickly moved to a strict lockdown. The results seem to have worked, with new cases down, and the tourist hotspots of Paris and the south of France seem to be buzzing again. There is no longer any quarantine for UK travellers, and you won’t be tested at arrivals either. Masks will soon be required while in indoor spaces though, so make sure you pack some in your luggage. 


The tiny Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy was spared the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, most league tables place Malta at the top of governmental response, with under 700 cases and over 100,000 tests carried out. Malta has English as an official language and is known as one of sunniest countries in Europe. UK travellers can enter the country without the need for quarantine, and no mandatory testing is carried out on arrival. Just bring a good set of noise-cancelling headphones, as the Maltese tradition of letting off fireworks at 8am quickly gets old. 


Like Malta, Greece also handled the pandemic well, with just over 4000 cases recorded since the beginning of March. The country has a rich history of ancient temples, hundreds of kilometres of golden beaches, and an archipelago of thousands of islands in the Aegean Sea. Santorini looks the best of them to visit, particularly as 2020 will be the first time for decades you can visit it without the crowds. UK travellers can enter the country with the need for automatic quarantine, but random spot testing is carried out on arrival, and if you fail, then you will be spending your 2 week break holed up in your room. 

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