Lilyfields Lockdown Exit Strategy

We wanted to give you some encouraging updates about the current situation regarding Lilyfields, our London Latin escort agency. We have closed since the 22 of March but It seems that we are close to being able to reopen on 1st of June or maybe even a bit sooner, so you will be able to meet the Latin girls at our time and companionship promoting escort agency again very soon. Below you can read about when this is likely to happen, as well as the restrictions which would be in place at first.

Why Lilyfields has waited to reopen

We are well aware that many London escort agencies have been operating throughout this pandemic. We believe that this was highly irresponsible, and we did not wish to expose either our girls or our clients to the virus. What’s more, we saw the importance of setting an example to the wider public to take the lockdown seriously. Proclaiming our agency open, with a business-as-usual approach, would hardly have been setting such a good example.

Why we believe the time to reopen our agency could be imminent

Government advice seems to be shifting towards a relaxation of measures across the country, but firstly in London. The R-factor is well below 1 in the capital, and new cases are well under a hundred per day. For sure, the risk of infection is greatly reduced below the level it was in mid-March, and if the government allows greater freedom for us to go about our lives, then we plan to reopen, with some restrictions within the coming days/weeks. 
What kind of escorting restrictions are we likely to adopt at first?Since the situation is stabilizing in London faster than in other regions of the UK, we are limiting escort dates to within the capital. What’s more, our girls will not be accepting dinner dates at restaurants, visits to museums or any public event when we initially open. To be honest, there aren’t likely to be many restaurants open anyway, apart from a few drive-thru McDonalds. 

Stay Alert

How safe is escorting in a post-COVID 19 London?

While it might seem that an intimate rendezvous with an escort is inherently unsafe right now, this is not necessarily the case. In most cases, such meetings are between 2 people, which is obviously far less than the numbers crammed into an underground carriage, so the risk of meeting an infected person is greatly reduced in a one-on-one situation. As long as you both take all practical precautions, the risk is currently minimal. 

How can I reduce the risk of infection while out and about in London?

London is a busy place, and the more people you interact with, the greater the chances of catching and spreading infections. But there are steps to mitigating the risk, particularly by wearing face coverings and by frequent hand-washing with an alcohol-based rub. By doing so, you will reduce the chances of spreading the COVID-19 virus, as well as catching it. The last thing you would want is to have an enjoyable and safe evening with one of our escorts, only to pick up something while travelling home.

What about travelling from other parts of the UK to meet one of our escorts in London?
While we couldn’t technically stop you from travelling from anywhere part of the UK to meet one of our escorts, we do not encourage it for the time being. The fact is that London was earlier into the curve than the rest of the UK and has exited the curve earlier too. For the safety of our escorts and the general public, we would prefer you not to make leisure trips to the capital in this early stage of the recovery.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe and Stay Informed

We anticipate the overall improving situation in London to allow for the lifting of restrictions in the next days or weeks. As soon as our London Latin escort agency is open for business, we will let you – our esteemed clients – know about it. Check back for more information, and in the meantime, stay alert and stay safe.