Escort Female Nails and Personality Traits

Women are very easy to read and to get to know. There are a lot of indicators which help to reveal a mystery about an escort personality. They say that female hands are one of the things that will definitely tell you a lot about a woman. And it is not only neatness of her hands that matters. Female nails are your best opportunity to find out a lot of significant personality traits – or so they say, of course.

No doubt that a man can learn a lot of interesting things about an escort looking at her appearance – makeup, jewellery, lipstick, etc. One of the aspects that should be taken into account is female hands and more particularly female nails and personality. They can tell you a heck of a lot of subtleties about escorts’ personalities.

Rectangular female nail
Escorts of this form of nails are not able to leave any novelty without notice and it does not matter whether it is perfume, cosmetics or exotic food recipe. These escorts will necessarily want to try them and they will do it in a serious and effective way. Such females are natural optimists and never lose the taste of life. They preserve a charming ability to be happy, to be surprised and get satisfaction as a child. These escorts won’t cry because of a broken cup. They use this optimistic approach to all the spheres of life. Escorts with a rectangular form of nails can make conclusions and profit from everything that happens to them. If they set an aim, they surely reach it and unfavourable circumstances can slow their advance to the aims but not to stop them reaching it.

Vee-typed female nails
Escorts with extraordinary form of nails are not used to doubting their abilities. They do not need to study the articles about how to start loving yourself and how to improve your self- esteem. These escorts want to be recognized by men and they do not like it when they are criticized especially when the criticism is connected with their appearance. The most significant advantages of their personality are energy, the ability to get any sort of information – global and local such as the number of the admirers their neighbours have.

Square female nails
Escorts with such nails look very fragile and vulnerable but there is enormous strength that guides these girls so that they can deal with any sort of difficulty in life. They are quite sensible and well balanced females. They do not dream in the ‘what if’ way, these stories are not for them. Such escorts never feel sorry for what they had in the past. They value their self independence and guard their private space from strangers.

Round female nails
These females are perfect architects of their personal life. However all the buildings are made of sand and can be destroyed very easily. These escort ladies are very dreamy and sentimental. They are usually better than they can seem more competent, intelligent and friendlier. If they really love a person, they can forgive them even the rudest mistakes. These girls are a real windfall for those who are ‘good’ at sins.