Female Irresistibility of Lilyfields Escorts

UK scientists continue claiming that love is not only a magical thing. They assure that everything can be explained with scientific fact and it means that people can control their feelings and emotions. British psychologists have challenged the question that worries most women – what is female irresistibility? They represent the results of their work which explain most questions and satisfy female curiosity.

Love is not a mystery for science any more. All the feelings are the results of natural chemical processes according to UK scientists. Consequently it means that a person can easily control them. One British psychologist has shared some secrets about how to seduce a man. In his study he relied on scientific facts experience and escorts’ behavior.


What makes a man talk the first? According to the researches of the British scientists most men have a negative attitude to women who initiate in their acquaintance. The offer to go for a drink is the most negative thing that pushes men away from females.

So if escorts want to attract a handsome guy they make him take the first step with the help of non-verbal communication. For example, open looks, candid eyes and a sincere smile – these are the main escorts’ tricks. Men prefer to get acquainted the first but at the same time he should be 100 per cent sure that an escort will not refuse him. So here escorts’ tricks are the most important instruments – the more you look at him as if by chance smile and meet his eyes, the more chances you have to achieve your aim. British psychologists claim that approximately 70 per cent of men get in the trap with the above mentioned escorts’ tricks.

More over non-verbal signals are much stronger than a female appearance. Such a conclusion was drawn by another UK psychologist who has made lots of experiments in the British night clubs. According to her research escorts who sent those silent signals got the possibility to continue the evening with the object of their attraction.

Magic Cosmetics Bag

If some escorts do not like wearing too much makeup, they try to use a lipstick often. According to the researches the brighter the female lips, the better the impression they produce on unfamiliar men. It is a well-known fact that red lips are the symbol of reproductive ability of a woman and men subconsciously use the information.

Catch The Moment

There are other results of the work of British scientists that is also connected with nature. They say that escorts are more attractive to men when they are more prone for conceiving, which means that women are in the stage of ovulation. British scientists have come to such a conclusion after some time of observing escorts dancing strip. As it turned out escort strip dancers earn more money in the period of ovulation. It explains the fact that in this period females the high degree of attraction.

One of the English clubs has carried out a survey among its clients and found out what annoys men and pushes them away most of all. Males were asked to imagine a typical date in the restaurant:

“50 percent of men cannot stand when a woman talks on a mobile of phone during the evening. 40 percent of males will not continue their relationships with a woman who gets into a conflict with waiters. 30 percent are furious about women who constantly talks about her personality.”

These little tips told by British researchers will help any girl to overcome the difficulties in communication with men and fully use their potential in conquering male attention and heart.