Female Fidelity

Sometimes women can be really emotional and it turns to be a disadvantage in relationships with men. Such females become obtrusive annoying their partners with constant calls, messages and unlimited love. Their extreme devotion turns into fidelity and leads to disagreement and split ups. Escorts suggest finding the reason for such behavior and provide some common examples to help you find the clue.

Some women need to control their partners every 24 hours, weekends spent separately are a real catastrophe for them. If their beloved is not together with them, they feel ill at ease, such women always phone their men – ‘Sweetheart, where are you?’ or write SMS – ‘Do you ignore me?’, ‘I miss you’, ‘Come home as soon as possible’. Escorts are emotional and they can frighten a man in by their excessive expression of feelings. Where is the bound between romanticism and obtrusiveness? And how to get rid of emotional dependence on men? When does mutual freedom in relationship influence positively both the partners but when does it turn them into strangers? Female fidelity is a widespread phenomenon nowadays.

Those escorts who love themselves are more successful in relationships and it has already been proved. Escorts try to switch part of their insatiable energy to themselves and show their partners that they are not a logical continuation of them but a personality. When talking to a partner a female escort asks him about his work, business meetings but also she tells him about herself and about the events that happened during the day. In such conversation wise women point out their success and achievements during the day – it helps them to improve self-esteem and give the possibility for the partner to estimate her in another way. These females do not get into despair when their partners spend all Saturday with friends repairing his car in a garage or in front of the TV sets. They change the usual order of events – their aim is to anticipate his weekend intentions. Escorts go to the cinema or a cafe or simply do window shopping with friends. It is simple and effective – just check the reaction of your partner, he will be astonished! Think of yourself and only then of your partner.

No doubt the best way to get rid of emotional dependence on men is to find the reason for it. Why should you always feel that you are needed? Perhaps, the cause of it is lack of confidence in yourself. You cannot make decisions and constantly shirk all the problems on your partner. It is quite possible that you are afraid to stay alone and your behavior is a safety reaction: in such a way you try to tie your partner to yourself. Or maybe your maternal drive has awakened in you and you try to transfer it to your man. Probably the cause of your dependence lies in your partner – he is cold to you and unemotional and you just have to beg for compliments, hugs and pleasant words. When you realize the problem, you will find the way to its solution.

Both your partner and you should have your friends, your own time, your common and separate holidays, and the right to be alone and to keep silence. Having individual interests and hobbies, impressions and experience you will get the ground and topics for discussion, you become more interesting for each other and also obtain the main bonus – you have the time to miss each other and it brings the former intensity of emotions back to your relationship. However, you should be really careful with the degree of freedom – because excessive freedom in relationships can lead to indifference and you can become strangers to each other. The sense of measure, mutual agreement and comfort are the main criteria that escorts are guided by in relationships.

Learn how infidelity helps relationships and make your decision about it.