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So now you have decided to take advantage of an incall meeting with one of our elite and lovely courtesans, how should you proceed?

Meeting a London incall escort from a professionally run agency such as Lilyfields is a smooth process, as long as you follow a few simple rules and let us help you arrange the dream date with one of our Latin companions.First things first, when making contact with us you will need to provide us with a mobile number for us to sms you the escort’s address, get in contact with you should you be late or have lost your way, and lastly to provide you with the apartment number when you arrive at the escort’s apartment.

Once you have met our lovely London incall escort, you will be required to hand over your agreed present within the first 10 minutes after your arrival. While our escorts are all stunning and charming, sometimes people do not click. If this is the case and you do not wish to stay, please feel free to leave. However, in this unlikely case, we would appreciate to know your reasons in order to improve and avoid this happening again. A cancellation fee is voluntary, though appreciated by the escort for her time and preparations. However, we are quite sure you will be enchanted by whichever London escort you choose, and we wish you the very best time together.