Escorts Values

We are proud to admit that all the girls that work at Lilyfields have their share of good deeds and intentions – escorts values. And it is great to know that there are other people, besides rich celebrities, who care about the people who need help. We are glad to share the post of our escort’s values. 

Yes, yes I know what you are thinking… You are thinking to yourself, how can Lilyfields escorts in London have values? I mean, come on…

Well, wrong actually. Beautiful escorts in London do happen to have values and I thought I’d take a little break from working hard to keep the male (and sometimes) female population of London happy to explain my escorts values.


  • Be upfront. My close family and my friends know what I do for a living. They know that I make good money from it and they know I do it in a safe, professional environment so they do not need to worry about me. They will talk about my work with me, but I let them bring it up rather than bringing it up myself. When I meet men that I would like to have a relationship with, I am honest too from the start about what I do. There is no point fudging it.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I am polite, respectful, kind and sympathetic, and I like it when people show me the same kind of courtesy and respect. And I also act the same way to everyone – not just my clients, I am kind to staff working in hotels and I’m polite to people serving me drinks and food. Manners maketh man – and woman too!
  • Be honest, but never hurtful. When you work as an escort, sometimes you need to boost people’s spirits and confidence. But I hate insincerity and I think most men can spot it a mile off too, so I make sure my compliments are well thought out, but I am never tactless.
  • Donate to charity. I believe in tithing, i.e. giving a proportion of my income very month to charity. I am lucky enough to earn plenty of money so it seems only right that I use some of this to benefit others. You might think this is me trying to appease my conscience, but it isn’t. I would do this, no matter what my job.
  • Be kind to animals. OK, this is my own indulgence. I love animals and I think that people who are kind to animals are nice people in general anyway. As far those people who neglect or ill-treat animals, well… They are the scum of the earth as far as I am concerned!

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