An Escort for Birthday

There is always a dilemma for Lilyfields clients what category to check first for booking an escort. The rich choice of escorts presented on the site sometimes makes it difficult for our clients to choose an escort for birthday. Moreover, this choice becomes even more complicated when they visit all the categories and become spelled by the girls presented there – busty, blonde, couples, etc. Here is a birthday story in a company of an adventurous escort. 

Everyone needs a spot of adventure in their life from time to time, wouldn’t you agree? I certainly need it myself and I don’t exactly have a dull existence.

I’ve been pondering this point of late because I like to class myself as what you’d call an ‘adventurous’ escort. When clients book one of the London escorts at Lilyfields they often have a particular requirement in mind. And, of course, it’s the agency’s job to fulfill that. The client might, for example, be seeking a Latin girl (the curves, the dark hair and the sultry brown eyes are always very popular) or they might be after an Asian girl, skilled in the arts of intimate massage.


There are men who definitely prefer blondes (it’s the Marilyn Monroe thing) and then again there are those who love busty escorts. Then there are the different reasons for booking an escort for birthday – your evening could involve simply going along for a date, perhaps it might be a booking to keep someone company at dinner (who likes dining on their own after all?). Another booking might be to accompany a business client to a corporate event. There is, of course, always the client seeking a little intimacy and companionship that he can’t find at home or with his usual partner.

And then there are the people who want an adventurous escort. I can’t speak for all Lilyfields escorts of course, but I do know the excitement I offer is pretty much unique and makes for a very special experience. I think everyone should book an adventurous escort at least once in their life to find out what they possibly don’t realise they are definitely missing out on!

I had a couple of clients recently, both of them who admitted to me that they had never been with an adventurous escort before. One of them told me he had wanted to book one of us here at Lilyfields for ages now, but he had lacked the courage to pick up the phone so many times. It was only the fact that he had recently turned 30 that had convinced him now was the time to treat himself to a little birthday gift (he certainly didn’t envisage anyone doing it for him)- an escort for birthday. One thing ladies, I certainly ensured he had a birthday to remember – and I’m more than a little confident that I’ll see him again!