Christmas and New Year Attire

Are you ready for Christmas and New Year? Do you know what to put on these wonderful and fairy holidays? The article will be interesting and cognitive regardless of the answers. Only the freshest and brightest ideas from escorts are presented in the story. So any female that will find the advice helpful and use the information for creating her unique and unsurpassed image for the coming holidays will look really stunning.

The closer Christmas is, the more often women go round the shops. And it is no wonder, every female wants to be the most charming and beautiful on Christmas and New Year’s Day. And apart from this desire, it is necessary to remember about all the fashionable tendencies and symbolic cannons of the coming year. But how to combine all these things in one image and make it harmonic and festive? Escorts are trying to tackle this not easy task to give some pieces of advice to the contemporary fashion girls.

The coming year is the year of a metallic Rabbit or Cat. That is why the colours of this year coincide with the colour of metals: yellow or white, gold or silver. So the outfit of these colours is preferable to wear on Christmas and New Year. Bearing in mind all the modern tendencies of the autumn-winter season and it seems that everything is fashionable nowadays, escorts suggest choosing something that is becoming to you personally and creating your own unique Christmas image.

Gold colour was announced to be one of the main colours of this season by British designers so looking for a Christmas or New Year outfit of the golden colour, do not be afraid that it will spend all time in your wardrobe after these wonderful holidays. A tinted shirt and a black skirt will be perfect for a party, at a restaurant or your office. And in order to make this strict image more vivid and lively, it is possible to add a bit of jewellery – a multi-level necklace of stones or beads, for example, then shiny sandals on high heels and expressive makeup.

Wild Cat from Escorts. All the leading brands of fashion industry Just Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana presented collections with beast prints at the same time. So all the outfit with the colouring of a wild cat will be the most advantageous on Christmas and New Year. A woman will show her awareness of the latest trends of high fashion and please the wild cat of the year. It is also worth remembering that if you are going to a masked ball more than one leopard accessory or item of clothes is a taboo. Female makeup should be modest enough and natural. The ideal Christmas suit is a silk or chiffon dress, black shoes and a black clutch. Some shiny details such as scattering thin golden bracelets, shiny nail polish, golden hair spray and golden buckles on shoes or a bag will make this image even more festive and unique.

Fluffy Rabbit against Fluffy Cat. This image is the most innocent and seductive. Though escorts advise to be careful with it and not to be surprised at the number of fluffy females at this or that party. The image of a nice tender cat is less expected and vivid: a mask, a fur tail and a fur mantlet. To create a mysterious cat image escorts recommend to use only the hints at it. White colour is another fashionable trend of this season so if you want to be white and fluffy, put on white trousers, a white jacket and white gloves make the image complete with the help of an elegant fur bag and bright accessories. Your style will be extraordinary and noticeable.

New Year and Christmas Symbols in Female Attire. If you understand that you have no time for the search of a New Year outfit or Christmas attire, follow this advice from escorts. Try to create and embody one of the attributes of a New Year or Christmas party. A lacet with – the help of expressive hair locks, splashes of champagne – with the help of bright details and multi-layer streaming textile, tangerines – bright accessories and makeup, fir tree – natural materials such as wooden beads and bracelets and coniferous fragrances. Use your imagination and the feeling of the holiday. Do not forget that any image without a festive mood will be just a combination of details. And in order to realize your idea, your invention, you need a mood and an expressive look reflecting the gist of your image – languishing for a cat, perky for a tangerine and mysterious for a ‘golden’ lady…