Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas! This wonderful time of the year brings so many positive and happy emotions that they are enough to fill all the year. So it is of upmost importance to choose the right place where to spend your Christmas holidays. Lilyfields represents all the best opportunities for you. First of all, it is the list of the most popular spots where you will be able to visit the best Christmas markets in Europe.  And secondly, which does not diminish its importance, a wide choice of Christmas escorts who will gladly accompany you on Christmas holidays.

Christmas is a magic time which is waited by most romantic and sensitive people. Christmas cannot do without special presents, decorations, fairy-tales and mysteries which set a Christmas mood and bring a lot of pleasant emotions, happiness and smiles.

Lilyfields has a collection of Christmas escorts who will make you a wonderful company and while away your loneliness. Beside these Christmas escorts Lilyfields presents a list of Christmas fairs around the world which has lately been published by the Times. So if you combine these two things together a Christmas escort and a Christmas fair, you will have an unforgettable holiday this year.

Christmas Fair in Germany
Germany comes the first on the list of Christmas fairs this year. Berlin is the place where you should go with a Christmas escort. German Christmas fair is the biggest and most popular one in Europe. There you will spend a marvelous time and fill yourself with all the Christmas magic.

Christmas Market in Belgium

Belgium comes after Germany. Here you Christmas escort and you will spend a fabulous time together because Christmas fairs of Belgium are considered to be the most romantic ones. Bruges is one of Belgian cities which has the best Christmas fair for couples in love. Bruges is considered to be ‘north Venice’ whose canals, bridges and an old architecture gives the city a romantic and mysterious atmosphere.

Christmas Fair in France

Strasbourg hosts the biggest Christmas market in France. The fair has been held since 1570 and is called Christkindelsmarkt. If you are fond of all the ancient traditions and history of Christmas, you and your Christmas escort should necessarily visit Strasbourg.

Christmas Market in Denmark

The best Christmas fair of Denmark is in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens open their doors for all those who want to find a Christmas mood. The gardens are decorated with Christmas trees, tinsels, magic lanterns and presents. This is a wonderful place where the visitors can fill and taste the approaching Christmas and gladden themselves and the marvellous Christmas escorts with all that they can see.

Christmas Fair in Sweden

Stockholm turns into one big Christmas market because every corner of a Stockholm street is remarked with a Christmas market. The biggest fair of Stockholm is situated in Gamla Stan in the old part of the city. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of medieval times, visit a Christmas fair in Stockholm.

Christmas Market in Austria

You and your escorts will be able to take your unforgettable strolls around Vienna. This beautiful city is very hospitable and ready to share its Christmas mood. If you get cold during your Christmas walks in Vienna drop at a cosy and warm cafe-bar and find yourself sitting at a comfortable table looking through the window and enjoying the snow.

Christmas Fair in Switzerland

Basle has the biggest Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) in Switzerland. This city which lies on the Rein has a fairy atmosphere on Christmas. If you choose to go to Basle, you should be ready to get into a fairy-tale.