Christmas Gift Ideas

As the clock ticks down towards Christmas Day, many of us start to panic about what gifts to give our loved ones, and this is a real problem for a lot of people. A study in 2012 found that 6.7 million Britons left their Christmas shopping until the 24th December, with a shocking one in ten of us buying last-minute gifts from petrol stations on Christmas Eve.

Why do so many of us leave it until the last minute to do this yearly ritual? Perhaps one of the main reasons is that we can’t easily think of what to buy for our nearest and dearest. This view is further reinforced by other interesting nuggets of information from the same study. For instance, did you know that one in five of us revealed to researchers that they had kept a present for themselves, despite it being intended for someone else? Furthermore, one in seven of us have gone Christmas shopping and only bought gifts for ourselves. It seems we find it easy to know what we would like to receive as presents, but that it isn’t so simple to work out what everyone else would like.

Here at Lilyfields London escort agency we love gifts, so we feel we know a bit about this subject of present giving. Our Latin escorts in particular just love to be at the receiving end of some festive generosity, so we asked them for some pointers about good Christmas gifts.

Shower Caddy

Anything to do with baths are a big hit for our Latin girls at Christmas, as they look forward to indulging in a hot soak after the London rain and snow. With a chakra bath salt set, they can relax while resetting their 7 chakra, or power points. You can buy such sets in any good cosmetic store such as Lush or the Body Shop and this is sure to be a winner!

Beauty Products

Our girls love to look good, and an important weapon in a Lilyfields escorts arsenal of beauty products is the humble hair-dryer. Top of the range for them this Christmas is the Dyson sonic hairdryer. This intelligently designed innovation allows for faster, more precise drying, while the smart acoustic silencer minimizes noise. Apparently it measures the air temperature 20 times a second, controlling heat distribution which results in reduce damage and protection of the hair’s natural shine. Now we know why our girls have got such great hair!


Once Christmas is out of the way, thoughts inevitably turn to fitness and to getting back in shape, and the latest offerings from Fitbit can help you lose unwanted Christmas pounds, as well as look stylish. The great thing about these devices is that they can track your calorie expenditure and fitness levels all day, and allow you to make some fascinating insights into when you burn more. A recent study was made with awoman who had sex while wearing this gadget, recording peaks and drops in her heart rate over eight minutes. The monitor recorded an average of 109 beats per minute (bpm), which is in the “fat burning range”, peaking during at 123bpm the woman’s first orgasm. So next time you have a night of passion you can put it down as an important part of your fitness routine.

A Lucky Voucher

All girls love surprises, and an interesting Christmas gift this year could be a voucher for a romantic holiday for two for later in the year. Valentine’s Day is a particularly good time to use such a voucher, and you can whisk off your beloved to a romantic city such as Paris, or even for some winter sun to the Mediterranean.

Although they are mostly famous for their furry boots which were such a big fashion craze a decade or so ago, the Ugg company also do a nice line in dressing robes. The Karoline is a brand-new style and features a longer cut with fleece lining, which our girls love to slip on after a relaxing chakra bath, or when getting up on a chilly London winter morning.

So, now we have armed you with some great ideas for gifts, there is no rational reason to panic and leave it all until the last minute. With most retailers offering multiple ways to find presents, whether it be in comfort at home online, in the shop itself, or even on your phone, finding the right gift has never been easier. We recommend to consider writing a list of gifts you need to buy before you get started to keep yourself on track and avoid costly last-minute delivery costs. As for gifts you normally buy for yourself, why not spend your heard-earned cash on a date with an elite escort companion from Lilyfields? We have a collection of the finest escorts in London, each of whom would be delighted to warm you up with some Latin passion over the Christmas period.